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Israeli State President Katzav: 'Israel Is Not The Enemy of Iran And Cannot Understand Why Iran Wants To Destroy Jewish State'

'I Personally Have Warm Feelings For Iran & Its Culture And Hope New Iranian Administration Will Open New Page With Israel'

'Rather Than Threatening Israel With Nuclear Weapons, Iran Should Dedicate Its Resources To Alleviating Poverty'

President Moshe Katzav and Iranian President Hatami (archive)

Israel's State President Moshe Katzav has called on Iran to open a new chapter with Israel and drop its declared goal of destroying the Jewish state. The President declared that Israel is not the enemy of Iran and he cannot understand Iran's hostility. Katzav, who was born in Iran, said he has warm feelings for the Iranian people and its rich cultural heritage. The President was interviewed by David Essing for IsraCast on the fifth anniversary of his taking office.

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'Israel is not the enemy of Iran' that's the peace appeal by Israel's state President Moshe Katzav to the Iranian people.

President Katzav says Israel and Iran have no conflict of interests and no common border, Iran has become an extremist enemy of Israel without any justification.

''We and me personally have warm feelings towards the Iranians, their heritage, culture and history. We cannot understand why Iran has decided to announce that Israel should be destroyed. We cannot understand why Iran has become the extremist enemy of Israel. We cannot understand why Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons.President Katzav pointed out that Tehran has no enemies; its former enemy Iraq no longer posed a threat. He asked why Iran was investing such huge resources in nuclear development while terrible poverty was rampant in the country and would it not be better for the Iranian authorities to utilize these resources to help their impoverished people. President Katsav ended with this hope: ' 'I hope that really the new administration in Iran understand that Israel is not the enemy of Iran and Iran should stop encouraging the Palestinian terrorists to shed our blood'

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