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THIS WEEK 9.9.05

Brig. Gen. (res.) Shalom Harari: 'The Killing OF Moussa Arafat In Gaza Strip Shows Palestinian Leader Abbas Is So Weak That No Agreement With Him Is Worth Paper It's Written On'

'Current Chaos in Gaza And West Bank Means That Annual $3 Billion Foreign Aid Will Drown In Sea Of Gaza'

Jordan's King Abdullah: 'Al Qaeda Has Probably Established Cells In Israel As It Has Elsewhere'

Latest Polls Indicate That Netanyahu-Lead Likud Will Lose Next Election

Moussa Arafat

What are the implications of the brutal killing of Moussa Arafat in the Gaza Strip? What does it reveal about the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas? Jordan's King Abdullah praises Ariel Sharon for implementing the disengagement while warning that al Qaeda may also be active in Israel. In the Likud leadership race, challenger Bibi Netanyahu is facing some tough decisions this weekend in the wake of latest public opinion polls.

In the Gaza Strip, the terrorist killing of Moussa Arafat shows that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has no real control. That's the assessment of Brig. Gen. (res.) Shalom Harari, a Palestinian analyst at the Herzliya Inter-Disciplinary Centre. In his view, the Palestinian security establishment is eroded from within. Moreover the mainstream Fatah movement, involved in the execution of Moussa Arafat, is apparently out to compete with Islamic terrorists. When asked if the international effort to portray Abbas as a viable negotiator was turning into a farce, Harari said U.S.President Bush and Secretary Rice apparently had this in mind when they recently declared that Abbas must dismantle the terror infrastructure. In addition, if the current chaos in Gaza and the West Bank continues, it will mean the $3 billion dollars in annual foreign aid for the Palestinians will 'sink in the Sea of Gaza'. And what of the Abbas plan to co-opt the terror organizations into the official Palestinian security service that already numbers 68,000 personnel. Harari says the terrorists now run their own private armies and Abbas will certainly not confront them before the Palestinian election on January 25th. After that, Israel would have to wait and see. At present, the Palestinian leadership was so weak that any agreement with it was not worth the paper it would be written on. The Israeli intelligence assessment is that the terrorists Palestinians will focus their operations on the West Bank after the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. The IDF is expected to complete its evacuation of military installations within a few days after the government decides on whether or not to demolish synagogues in the area. Harari does not rule out the possibility that the terrorists will use the Gaza Strip as a backup for a new wave of attacks on the West Bank. This could include the stockpiling of Qassam rockets and mortars made easier because the border with Egypt will be more open for smuggling after Egyptian Border Guards take control. The Gaza Strip could also turn into a safe haven for terrorist leaders from the West Bank. And what of a severe IDF retaliation as proposed by Chief of Staff Dan Halutz? Analyst Harari says after the IDF withdrawal from south Lebanon in May 2000, there were also Israeli threats to hit back hard to any Hezballah provocations. However, after Hezballah deployed thousands of rockets in south Lebanon to threaten Galilee, Israel adopted a policy of restraint.

Jordan's King Abdullah: 'Al Qaeda has established cells all over the place, I don't see why not in Israel'. In an interview with Israel's Channel 1 TV, the Jordanian monarch said the important thing was the international community was co-operating against terrorism. King Abdullah praised what he called Prime Minister Sharon's courageous move in evacuating the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements. He was aware it must have been very difficult for Israeli soldiers, policemen and settlers, yet it provided 'real hope and a golden opportunity for peace'.

King Abdullah II (Israeli Channel 1)

Jordan backs up its full-fledged peace agreement with Israel with cordial relations so Abdullah's interview comes as no big surprise. But last week, Pakistan agreed to make public its long and secretive contacts with Israel and other Muslim states are also expected to warm up to Israel after the disengagement. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is reaping the diplomatic dividends that will peak at the upcoming U.N. General Assembly Session. But Sharon is not only gaining in the international arena; at home the latest opinion polls show the Prime Minister is catching up with frontrunner Bibi Netanyahu in the Likud leadership race.

David Essing

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