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Dr. Dan Schueftan: 'Israel Must Reject Legitimacy Of Palestinian Elections With Hamas Which Calls For Extermination Of Israel and Jewish People'

'Mahmoud Abbas Is Impotent When It Comes To Enforcing Law & Order'

'No Prospect Of Responsible Palestinian Government In Foreseeable Future'

Palestinian Terror

After Israel's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four West Bank settlements, the focus is now on the upcoming Palestinian elections in January. However, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas insists that terror organizations such as Hamas must be allowed to participate in the election, although Hamas calls openly for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. Middle East expert Dr. Dan Schueftan of Haifa University rejects the idea that Israel supports such an election leading to a Palestinian state that would be based on Israel's destruction.

'Israel negotiating with Hamas would be worse than the U.S. negotiating with Al Qaeda or the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.' That's the assessment of Middle East analyst Dr. Dan Schueftan who says Hamas vows publicly to exterminate both the Jewish state and the Jewish people by terrorism. This is in fact what Hamas says about itself. Therefore, Israel must reject the legitimacy of Hamas taking power inside the Palestinian Authority even if it means Israel disrupts the Palestinian elections because there is no way Israel should support the establishment of a Palestinian government calling for its own destruction. There can be no doubt that if Hamas becomes part of the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian leadership will become a 'repulsive and anti-Semitic entity'.

Dr. Dan Schueftan

Dr. Dan Schueftan is a senior Israeli academic and deputy director of the National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa, where he also serves as a senior lecturer in the School of Political Sciences. Schueftan has served as an advisor to Israel's National Security Council, and to former Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ariel Sharon.

Dan Schueftan argues that Hamas is even worse than al Qaeda or the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. Even Osama bin Laden and the Taliban have not called for annihilation of the U.S. and the American people. Nor does it claim that the American people are responsible for all the evil in the world. Schueftan takes issue with those Israelis who argue that if Hamas is brought into Palestinian government and statehood, the terror organization will become moderate and responsible. Schueftan asks if Saddam Hussein or Hitler turned moderate after assuming power.

Gaza StripToday: At present, is no responsible Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip with which Israel can negotiate. The area is run by armed militias and criminal bands and Mahmoud Abbas is impotent when it comes to imposing law and order although he keeps 'saying the right things'. Moreover, Schueftan does not believe that a responsible Palestinian government will take power in the foreseeable future.

David Essing

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