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MK Michael Melchior: 'Anti-Israeli Resolution Of British Academics Is Sheer Anti-Semitism'

'Why Don't They Condemn Themselves Over British Participation In Iraq'

'Their Boycott Of Israeli Academics Is In Fact A Denial Of Jewish Right To Homeland In Middle East'

MK Michael Melchior

What's really behind the resolution by British academics to boycott Israeli academics who do not condemn Israeli policies in the Palestinian conflict? When does legitimate criticism degenerate into an attempt to delegitimize the Jewish state? And when does academic freedom degenerate into academic tyranny? Labor Knesset member Michael Melchior discusses these issues with David Essing:

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'The resolution by British academics to boycott Israeli academics is sheer anti-Semitism'. That's the reaction of Labor Knesset Member Michael Melchior who chairs the Knesset Education committee. Rabbi Melchior went on to say the British academics have singled out the Jewish state to apply standards they do impose on any other. For example, Rabbi Melchior says the British academics should be condemning themselves over British participation in the Iraqi war and occupation. The MK defends the right to criticize any country's policies but the British resolution delegitimizes the very existence of the Jewish state.

David Essing

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