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Carter & Hamas Terrorism

Analyst Rony Shaked: 'Jimmy Carter's Decision To MeetHamas Leader Haled Mashal Lends Legitimacy To Terror Organization That Wants To Destroy Israel'

'Hamas Trying To Manipulate International Sympathy While ContinuingTo Rocket Israel'

'Hard To Visualize Implementation Of Any Olmert-Abbas Agreement Because Abbas Represents Only One Part Of Palestinian People'

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal

What was the goal of the recent Palestinian terror attack on the Nahal Oz fuel depot where Israeli civilians were supplying fuel to the Gaza Strip? Rony Shaked of the Yediot Ahronot newspaper says it's part and parcel of the Hamas strategy to force Israel to react so the Palestinians can play the role of victim as they continue to rocket Sderot. Analyst Shaked also told IsraCast that the meeting of former U.S. President Jimmy Carter with Hamas leader Haled Mashal lends legitimacy to a terror organization that tries to destroy Israel.

'Former President Jimmy Carter's decision to meet Hamas leader Haled Mashal will be viewed by Hamas as lending legitimacy to their organization' - that's the assessment of veteran analyst Rony Shaked. Hamas will be in 'seventh heaven' seeing it as a sign that the U.S. and Europeans and even Israel will soon have to follow suit. But he adds: 'Hamas is Hamas is Hamas' and there has been no change in the terrorist organization's long term goal of annihilating the Jewish state. After taking full control last June, Hamas has turned the Gaza Strip more pro-Iran and Islamist. At the same time, Hamas has smuggled in more weapons as it continues the rocketing and raids against Israel.

Hamas Terrorists

The recent attack against the Nahal Oz fuel depot that killed two Israeli civilians supplying fuel to Gaza should be viewed in this context. It was a cynical manipulation designed to force a closure of the depot so that the Palestinian could claim they were the victims rather than the agressors. This as theycontinue to rocket the Israeli town of Sderot. The Hamas strategy deliberately harms the Palestinian people, but Palestinian public opinion in Gaza is muzzled by the Islamist dictatorship.

As for the current contacts between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Shaked said Abbas represents only one part of the Palestinian people. As such it was hard to see any of their understandings being implemented. Even the Hamasconcept of a 'hudna' cease-fire was only temporary and could not be viewed as a step toward recognizing Israel.The problem wasnot the shape of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord - that was reached in Oslo in 1993. In Shaked's view the problem is how to implement it no matter what Olmert and Abbas conclude in their contacts.He did not rule out the possibility of a new Palestinian intifada or even a Hamas takeover of the West Bank from President Mahmoud Abbas.

Interview with U.S President Jimmy Carter (1977)


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