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Israel Declares War On Islamic Jihad After Suicide Bomber Murders Five Israelis

Israel Points Finger At Jihad Headquarters That Operates Out Of Damascus, Syria

Israel Launches Major Counter-terrorism Drive Against Islamic Jihad

Hadera Bombing (Maariv)

15:42 : A powerful bomb blast rips through the market of Hadera. The unsuspecting group of Israelis never knew what hit them before they were literally blown to smithereens. Twenty-year old Hassan Abu-Zeid, a member of the Islamic Jihad organization had detonated over ten pounds of explosives he was carrying in a satchel. Five people were murdered outright, over thirty others were wounded, some of them critically. In the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Jihad was quick to claim responsibility while Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas again condemned terrorism against Israel, warning that the violence was sabotaging a future Palestinian state. While the terrorists were bombing in Hadera, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

Israel has declared war on the Islamic Jihad after one of its suicide bombers murdered five Israelis and wounded more than thirty others in the crowded open-air market of Hadera. Some of the injured are in critical condition. The killer was a twenty-year old resident of the village of Qabatiya near the town of Nablus on the West Bank. He joined the unsuspecting people at a falafel stand before detonating a kilogram bomb he carried in a satchel. As usual, the explosives were packed with nuts and bolts of steel to increase the deadly impact on victims. The West Bank security fence is now in place at Hadera located between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It is thought the terrorist may have been driven in a vehicle with Israeli license plates through one of the gates of the security fence or maybe through part of the fence around Jerusalem where it has not been completed due to court appeals. Security officials have been saying the checks at the fence gates are not stringent enough.

The Islamic Jihad is not a partner to the current lull in the fighting not is it participating in the January elections as is the other big terror group Hamas. Islamic Jihad declares that it will never accept any political settlement with Israel and its goal is to kill as many Jews as possible. It claims that the Hadera bombing was in retaliation for Israel’s targeted killing of a Jihad leader on the West Bank. However, Israeli security officials say Islamic Jihad needs no excuses; it is continually planning and implementing terror attacks no matter what Israel does or does not do. Its headquarters are in Damascus Syria where its leaders vow to carry on their bloody campaign against Israel.Just over a week ago, three Israeli civilians were shot dead and several others injured in two drive-by attacks on the West Bank. Israel’s Shabak Security Service says there are now forty-four terror alerts of more attacks in the pipeline. At the time of the bombing, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz was flying back from Egypt and a meeting with President Hosni Mubarak. They had been discussing Egypt’s role in preventing the smuggling of terrorist explosives into the Gaza Strip, a step that would enable Israel to ease her restrictions and improve the lot of the Palestinian people. After landing back home, Mofaz met immediately with defense officials and they drafted an all out counter-terror campaign against Islamic Jihad. It includes the whole range of activities operations actions closures, curfews, ground and air operations and the targeted killings of terrorist leaders. One official says: ‘We’ll do whatever it takes, the terrorists are mistaken if they think that after our withdrawal from Gaza they’ll simply re-locate the focus of their attacks on the West Bank!’

Again, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has condemned terrorism against Israel. In a strongly worded critique, Abbas told the Palestinian legislative council that there could be no Palestinian Authority or a future Palestinian state if the various organizations carry out attacks on Israel as they see fit. Israeli officials viewed the Abbas message as a strong message to the Palestinian people. However, they added that the right rhetoric alone would not rein in Islamic Jihad or Hamas, only concerted action will. At a news conference in the Gaza Strip, the masked Islamic Jihad members were thumbing their noses at Abbas vowing to continue more ‘quality raids on the Jews.’ Israel is now serving notice that time’s up…unless and until Mahmoud Abbas does the job, Israel will do it for him.

President Ahmadinejad

If Islamic Jihad operates out of Syria, it is funded by Iran. On the very day of the Hadera atrocity, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was calling for Israel to be wiped off the map. He was addressing thousands of students at a Tehran conference called ‘The World Without Zionism’. Ahmadinejad said: ‘THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT THE NEW WAVE OF ATTACKS IN PALESTINE WILL SOON WIPE THE DISGRACEFUL STAIN (ISRAEL) FROM THE FACE OF THE ISLAMIC WORLD’. In Jerusalem, Deputy Premier Shimon Peres urged Israel to call upon U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to start expelling Iran from the world body. Peres said that Iran’s President has violated the very essence of the United Nations charter and never since its inception in 1945 has a national leader called for the eradication of a sister state.

David Essing

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