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Israeli Foreign Minister Shalom: 'Iran May Acquire Know-how For Producing Nuclear Bomb Within Six Months'

Dr. Meir Rosenne: 'Similarity Between Hitler's Vow To Annihilate Jewish People & Ahmadinejad's Call To Wipe Jewish State Off The Map'

'No Doubt Ahmadinejad Has Blatantly Violated U.N. Charter & International Law'

Amadinejad at Conference in Tehran (Photos: Aljazeera)

There has been broad international condemnation of the call by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 'to wipe Israel off the map'. At the U.N. in New York, Israel's Ambassador Danny Gillerman has officially urged Secretary General Kofi Annan to initiate the expulsion of Iran from the world body on the grounds that Iran has flagrantly violated the U.N. charter by calling for the destruction of a member state. The latest Iranian threat comes against the backdrop of Tehran's drive to produce nuclear weapons. Israel's Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has now revealed that Iran may acquire the know-how for producing nuclear weapons within six months. The way would then be open for Iran to actually produce a nuclear bomb within a couple of years.

‘Iran could acquire know-how for producing nuclear weapons within six months’. That’s according to Israel’s Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom speaking in an Israel Radio interview from Paris. It would then only be a matter of time before Tehran actually produced ‘the bomb’, although that could take several years. The Foreign Minister was reacting to the statement by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that ‘the Jewish state should be wiped off the map’. The Iranian leader was addressing a conference in Tehran called ‘A World Without Zionism’.

Dr. Meir Rosenne, a retired Israeli diplomat served as the foreign ministry’s legal advisor as well as ambassador to Washington. Both Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres have called on U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to initiate Iran’s expulsion from the world body. Rosenne told IsraCast there is legal ground for such action. There was no question that Iran has violated the U.N. charter and international by calling for the destruction of another state. However, it was likely that Russia or another Security Council member would cast a veto in the debate. Rosenne made the point that nuclear weapons in a state sponsoring terrorism would pose a threat not only to Israel but also to the entire world. Russia was willing to sell its nuclear technology in order to reap Iranian profits. The result is that Israel is the only country in the world today that is threatened openly by extermination. At the same time, the diplomat believes there is now a greater international awareness of the Iranian threat and that the imposing of international sanctions could alter Tehran’s nuclear course, which is fraught with danger.

David Essing

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