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Five Israelis Murdered & Fifty-Five Wounded By Palestinian Suicide Bomber

Two Security Personnel Were Killed While Confronting Terrorist, Saving Many Israeli Lives

Sharon Advisor Zalman Shoval: 'Israel Has No Choice But To Step Up Counter-Terror Operations To Defend Her Citizens'

Netanya Bombing

A Palestinian suicide bomber has carried out another deadly attack in the Israeli seaside town of Netanya, murdering five Israelis and injuring fifty-five others. The Islamic Jihad terrorist from the West Bank was spotted before entering the crowded Sharon shopping center and apprehended by two security guards who were killed while trying to disarm the killer. Zalman Shoval, a senior advisor to Prime Minister Sharon, tells IsraCast that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) leaves Israel no choice but to step up its counter-terror operations

'Israel has no choice but to step up her counter-terror operation in light of the Netanya bombing'. That's the reaction of Zalman Shoval, an advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to the Palestinian suicide bomber who murdered five Israelis and injured fifty-five others.

For the third time, a Palestinian suicide bomber has struck at the Sharon shopping center in Netanya. Among the five Israelis killed outright were two security guards who gave their lives to save many others.11:20 on a sunny morning in the town of Netanya on the Mediterranean coast. A Palestinian carrying a large satchel walks toward the entrance of the crowded Sharon shopping center. He catches the attention of passers-by who shout 'mechabel, mechabel, terrorist, terrorist!' Before he reaches the entrance, two security guards force the killer some ten yards away from the shoppers. But the guards pay with their lives when the terrorist blows up the explosives in the satchel. It is also packed with steel nuts and bolts to multiply its deadly effect. Three other people are killed and fifty-five others wounded some of them critically. In less than a minute, dozens of ambulances arrive at the scene with paramedics to treat the wounded. A massive search begins for the vehicle that is thought to have conveyed the suicide bomber from the West Bank to Netanya. The Islamic Jihad claims responsibility releasing a video recording of the terrorist from a West Bank village. As usual, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) condemns the attack saying it harms the Palestinian cause. He vows to bring the perpetrators to justice. However, Sharon advisor Zalman Shoval says Abu Mazen has done nothing to halt suicide bombers and the firing of Qassam rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip. Therefore, Israel will act to protect her citizens.

David Essing

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