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Defense Minister Mofaz: 'I Have Decided To Quit Likud & Join Sharon's New Kadima Party'

'Sharon Has Promised That I Will Carry On As Defense Minister'

Likud Frontrunner Netanyahu: 'Shaul Mofaz Has Set A New Low For Political Opportunism'

Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz

Another leading Likud cabinet minister has bolted the party and switch to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Kadima party. Just days after Zachi Henegbi quit the Likud, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz has done in the same in the middle of his campaign to become the new Likud leader.

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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's former Likud party has been rocked again. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz who was trailing far behind in the Likud race for party leadership has thrown in the towel and bolted to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's new Kadima party. Mofaz says Sharon has promised to keep him on as defense minister. Mofaz follows the defection of Zachi Hanegbi, another leading Likud cabinet minister. Likudniks have lambasted Mofaz calling him 'a petty politician without principles'. Frontrunner Bibi Netanyahu charged: 'Mofaz has stooped to a new low for political opportunism'. Shaul Mofaz defends his desertion of the Likud by saying he no longer has a place in the party that has turned to the extreme right.The defections of Hanegbi and Mofaz indicate that political labels in Israeli politics are now pass?. Ariel Sharon's dramatic move to right of center with his Kadima party is forming a critical mass that is attracting politicians from both the far right and left wings of Israeli politics.

David Essing

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