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Question:With Time Running Out, Why Is the International Atomic Energy Agency Dragging ItsFeet Over Iran's Nuclear Weapons Project?

Israeli Officials Reject Media Stories About Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Ordering Pre-emptive Strike In March

Dr. Mohamed Elbaradei (image: www.iaea.org)

At the time that Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency was being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, London's Sunday Times carried a headline story that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had issued orders to attack Iran's nuclear installations in March. The Israeli intelligence assessment is that by the end of March, Iran will have passed its point of no return on producing nuclear weapons. However, Israeli officials categorically rejected the press report.

Is the international community dragging its diplomatic feet when it comes to blocking Iran's nuclear weapons project? This is the impression in Israel, which is probably number one on the Iranian nuclear hit list.Iran is thumbing its nose at the international effort to block its production of enriched uranium required for its nuclear weapons program. In Oslo, to receive this year's Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei warned Israel that it would be counter-productive to launch a military strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities in Iran (In 1981, the Israel Air Force launched a pre-emptive strike that destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor that could have produced a nuclear bomb for Saddam Hussein). But with time running out before Iran goes nuclear, why does there seem to be no sense of urgency in the international effort? IsraCast poses several questions in an open letter to Dr. ElBaradei.

David Essing

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