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Rebellious Palestinian Policemen Go On Rampage In Gaza Strip Town of Rafah

Palestinian Police Chief: 'Impossible To Conduct Parliamentary Election In Current Chaos'

Analyst Dan Schueftan: 'We Are Witnessing Disintegration Of Palestinian Society'

UN club destructed by Palestinian gunmen

There has been more internal violence and lawlessness in the Gaza Strip violence just over three weeks before a crucial Palestinian election on January 25th. The chaos is raising questions about whether the parliamentary ballot is possible. In his assessment, Israeli analyst Dr. Dan Schueftan recently told IsraCast that the Palestinian society is now in the process of disintegrating.

Even Palestinian policemen have now got into the act and JOINED the rioting and lawlessness that now rules the 'Palestinian street'. Dozens of disgruntled policemen, some wearing masks and waving their weapons stormed the Palestinian Authority complex in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah. They ordered officials and authorities out of the court, the town council and the election committee that is planning the important parliamentary election set for January 25th. They smashed windows and shouted political demands. After several hours, the rioting policemen then left the buildings.There were no reports of casualties.

Palestinian police chief Ala Husseini later warned: 'The chaos is making it impossible to conduct the general election as planned'. He also warned of exchanges of gunfire between feuding Palestinians if the elections are held this month. Other Palestinian officials have advised that the ballot be postponed for a period of months. It is not out of the question that Palestinian chairman Mahmoud Abbas might resign in protest over the internal violence. In recent days, Palestinian gangs have abducted and released British and Italian nationals working on behalf of the Palestinians. Today, an attempt to abduct Japanese citizens was apparently foiled at the last moment.Meanwhile, Palestinian terrorists are still launching more of their homemade Qassam rockets at Israeli towns and villages across the border as the IDF keeps up the pressure in the new buffer zone. Analyst Dr. Dan Schueftan of Haifa University recently told IsraCast: 'Palestinian society is disintegrating and whoever believed the Roadmap peace plan could work must have been very, very naןve'.IsraCast invites you to tune into the Schueftan's timely interview that traces the background to what is happening today in the Palestinians controlled areas.

David Essing

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