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Rabbi Singer: 'Israel & Jewish People Must Seek Political Allies To Confront Iranian Nuclear Threat'

'Israel Should First Exhaust Political Effort Before Sending Aircraft To Destroy Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program'

'Recent Visit By Chancellor Angela Merkel Was A Watershed In Israeli-German Relations'

Rabbi Yisrael Singer

Delegates from Jewish communities from around the globe gathered in Jerusalem for the conference of the World Jewish Congress. More than 80 countries were represented from all the continents. The Iranian nuclear threat and the virulent anti- Semitic campaign by Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cast its shadow over the conference that discussed the situation with several experts. Rabbi Yisrael Singer, Chairman of the Policy Council of the World Jewish Congress, summed up what is called the 'parliament' of the Jewish people. Rabbi Singer also accompanied German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her tour of the Jerusalem's Yad VaShem Memorial to the six million Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust.

'Israel should not send its aircraft to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons program before first using political power'- that's the view of Rabbi Yisrael Singer of the World Zionist Congress that has just met in Jerusalem. He believes the European states now realize that Iran is developing long-range missiles to threaten them with nuclear weapons and not just Israel. Rabbi Singer says: 'The Americans and Israelis should not be leading with their chins' when it comes to the Iranian nuclear threat. Scores of delegates from more than 80 Jewish communities around the world attended the two-day conference in Jerusalem. In the Christian world, Rabbi Singer also took issue with the Council of Churches and the Anglican Church for their hostile campaign against Israel for building the security fence - a defensive measure to prevent Palestinian suicide bombers from continuing to murder Israelis.

Chancellor Merkel

Rabbi Singer called the recent visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 'a watershed in Israeli - German relations'. Accompanying her on her visit to the Yad VaShem Holocaust memorial to the six million Jews who perished, Rabbi Singer said Chancellor Singer was truly overwhelmed. Rabbi Singer believed that the German leader left Israel with a more effective understanding of the problems facing the Jewish state in general and Hamas in particular.

David Essing

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