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Hamas Prepares To Be Sworn In By Palestinians On Saturday Night

Prime Minister Olmert: We Will Not Acquiesce In, Nor Compromise With A Hamas Government That Vows To Exterminate Israel

Hamas Mashal | PM Olmert

Saturday, February 18th, 2006: Hamas, a terror organization linked to al Qaeda, takes control of the Palestinian parliament. In reaction, the Israeli cabinet is to consider a series of sanctions when it convenes on Sunday.

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Within twenty hours after Hamas terrorists take over the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli cabinet will consider a series of sanctions.

Israel may react by closing off its borders to the Palestinians. On Friday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convened his security, foreign affairs and legal experts to consider disengaging from a Hamas run leadership that vows to exterminate the Jewish state. But a decision was postponed to allow the cabinet to discuss what spokesman Raanan Gissin calls a very complex issue. Israel may no longer transfer tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian workers may be banned from entering Israel, and Palestinians barred from traveling between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. However, Israel would not interfere with the flow of foreign aid from international organizations. Nor would Jerusalem pull the plug on electricity and water it supplies to the Palestinian areas. Prime Minister Olmert declares its a new ball game if the Palestinians are installing Hamas leaders who vow to annihilate the Jewish state:

Now faced with a cut-off in foreign aid, Hamas is approaching Iran to make up the shortfall. Olmert notes Iran is also bound on Israels destruction by persuing its nuclear weapons program in defiance of the international community:  

Olmert was addressing the Conference Of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Foreign Minister Zippy Livni also took a strong stand against any contact with a Palestinian Authority lead By Hamas:

On the other side of the House, Likud leader Bibi Netanyahu sized up Hamas and where the Palestinians appeared to he headed:

Amir Peretz, the new leader of Labor, which launched the Oslo Peace process with the Palestinians, also addressed the conference:

There is then a mainstream consensus in Israel, that Hamas terrorists cannot be peace partners. Hamas will have to recognize Israel, halt the terrorism and accept prior agreements. The word in Jerusalem is that the Bush administration in Washington also sees eye to eye with Israel on sanctions against the Hamas regime. Addressing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice put it on the line to the Palestinians:

Undoubtedly, the Israeli- Palestinian conflict is about to enter a new and crucial era. This time with fanatic Hamas calling the shots ...in more ways tan one.

David Essing

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