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Dr. Dan Schueftan: 'It's An Absolute Necessity To Block Money Flow To Hamas Administration That Will Channel Part of It Into Terrorism Against Israel'

'Hamas Talk Of Ten-Year Cease-fire Is a Poisoned Honey Trap'

Hamas Terrorists

After the new Hamas-lead Palestinian parliament declared No to halting terrorism, recognizing Israel and prior agreements, the Israeli cabinet announced a series of sanctions. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert responded by calling the Palestinian Authority a terrorist authority. The Israeli cabinet then imposed a series of sanctions. They included the freezing of tax revenues to the PA and stepping up security checks on Palestinian workers entering Israel. However, Israel would not interfere with humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people. Dr. Dan Schueftan, a Middle East expert at Haifa University, analyzed these developments and other aspects in a wide-ranging interview with reporter David Essing:

Israels next step should be to gradually seal off the Gaza border to all Palestinian workers while moving Jewish settlers out of the heartland of Palestinian entity on the West Bank - thats the view of Dr. Dan Schueftan, a Middle East expert at Haifa University. In his view, Hamas is and will remain an anti-Semitic movement bent on Israels destruction. It should now be obvious to everyone that the Palestinian mainstream supports a continuation of Hamas terrorism against the Jewish state. Schueftan adds that it is an absolute necessity to stop the money flow reaching an administration that will channel part of it into terror attacks. He does not rule out the possibility that some Hamas officials will juggle words in order to pull the wool over the eyes of those who wish to be deceived. An example of this is talk of a possible ten-year houdna cease-fire. Schueftan calls it a poisoned honey-trap.

David Essing

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