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Israeli Intelligence Jeopardized?

Dan Patir: 'U.S. Apparently Disregarded Israel's Intelligence Interests By Publication Of Secret Israeli Photos Of Syrian Nuclear Reactor Destroyed By Israeli Air Strike'

'Olmert and Syrian President Assad Should Learn From Menachem Begin & Egypt's President Anwar Sadat'

'A Dramatic Event Similar To Sadat's Historic Visit To Jerusalem Could Also Alter Public Opinion Today'

The Syrian Nuclear Reactor - before and after

Has the U.S. jeopardized Israeli intelligence interests by publication of secret Israeli photos proving that the Syrian target destroyed by Israeli aircraft on September 6th was a nuclear reactor being built by North Korea? Dan Patir, an advisor to Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzak Rabin, told IsraCast that Washington apparently ignored the Israeli-Syrian situation and preferred to take North Korea to task. In an in-depth interview, Patir assesses prospects for Prime Minister Olmert and Syrian President Assad to follow in the footsteps of Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat in forging a peace treaty.

Dan Patir

'Something went wrong when the U.S. publicized secret Israeli intelligence photos of the clandestine Syrian nuclear reactor being built by North Korea and destroyed in the Israeli air strike on September 6th' That's the opinion of Dan Patir who served as a senior advisor to Prime Ministers Menachem Begin and Yitzak Rabin. Patir says the Americans decided to deal with North Korea while disregarding the situation between Israel and Syria. And the media expert goes on to say he would have advised Israeli officials against publication of the secret material.

Asked about prospects for an Israeli-Syrian peace negotiation, Patir said: 'Everything we see and hear today goes against a rapprochement between Israel and Syria but Olmert and Assad should learn from the experience of Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat'. Those two leaders succeeded in swinging public opinion behind their peace moves after realizing that a peace treaty was in the interest of both countries. Patir recalls: 'There were few voices in Israel at that time that spoke of Egypt being ready to make peace with Israel'.

However, once the process began people began to see that things were changing and the hostility and credibility gap began to close over a period of several years. Sadat's historic visit to Jerusalem had a dramatic impact on the Israeli public and in particular his pledge of 'No more war!' In Patir's another similar dramatic development could also have a great impact on public opinion.

CIA video showing suspected Syrian nuclear reactor


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