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U.S. Secretary Of State Rice: We Expect Serious Answer From Russians About Their Possible Transfer Of Military Intelligence To Saddam Hussein

Latest Revelations Raise More Questions About Russia's Role Such As Sale Of Nuclear Technology To Iran

Condoleezza Rice

US secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says Washington is taking a hard look at documents indicating that Russia supplied Saddam Hussein with intelligence information about American troop movements at the start of Iraq war in 2003. Appearing on NBC's Meet the Press program, Rice added: We would take very seriously any suggestion that this may have been done, maybe to the detriment of the American forces.

Is Russian president Vladimir Putin playing a perfidious and risky role in the Middle East? The reports about the Russian ambassador to Baghdad conveying vital intelligence information to saddam Hussein is but the latest example. It comes against the background to Russias sale of nuclear technology to Iran, a fanatic Muslim state that threatens to wipe Israel off the map. Meanwhile, the Russians appear to be blocking the attempt in the UN Security Council to dissuade the Ayatollahs from their drive to produce nuclear weapons.

David Essing

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