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Hamas Shells Israeli Settlements In Gaza Strip... No Casualties

Israel Calls On Palestinian President Abbas To Immediately Halt The Bombardment

Foreign Israeli Officials: 'Hamas Is Challenging Abbas Cease-fire With Israel Declared At Sharm el Sheik'

Palestinian Terror

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas terrorists have fired dozens of mortars, Qassam rockets and anti-tank missiles at Israeli settlements. There have been no Israeli casualties but one building was hit and the electricity grid was damaged. Hamas says it was reacting to the death of a Palestinian by IDF gunfire. The IDF says troops opened fire when they spotted a group of four Palestinians trying to infiltrate the settlement of Atzmona.

Israeli officials say the Hamas shelling is the first test for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after he declared a cease-fire with Israel at the Sharm el Sheikh summit just two days ago. In Ramallah, Abbas says he has given unequivocal orders to his security forces to halt the Hamas attacks on Israel. Hamas retorts that it never agreed to the 'hudna' truce with Israel and will continue to act against Israeli 'crimes'.

The Hamas shelling illustrates the built-in danger of leaving the terror groups in tact; they defy the Palestinian Authority and will carry on the violence as they fit. Let's assume Israeli troops opened fire at four Palestinians approaching the security perimeter of the Israeli community. Israeli and Palestinian officials could have checked if this was a legitimate act of self defense. The IDF in Gaza has in fact been ordered to halt all offensive type operations, except in 'ticking bomb' situations, when a terror attack is actually underway. However, instead of 'One Authority, One Gun' as President Abbas says, today for Hamas there is no authority and many guns. They are now the responsibility of the new Palestinian leader and his hope of dialogue with the terrorists is a pipe dream. It takes two to dialogue, terrorists talk through the barrel of their guns.

Latest reports from Ramallah say Abbas has given orders to his thirty-thousand security personnel in Gaza to halt the Hamas attacks, just one of his headaches two days after climbing to the Sharm el Sheikh summit. Israeli cabinet minister Binyamin Netanyahu warns that Abbas is in for a fall if he does act swiftly to stop Hamas - his days of grace are running out. If Abbas seeks the powers and privileges of a Palestinian state in-the-making, he will have to fulfill the responsibilities which go with them.

However, Hamas has acted not only against Israel. Hamas gunmen broke into and took control of the Sariya jail in Gaza and released terror suspects arrested by the Palestinian police.

The Altalena Incident

In the Israeli context, during the War of Independence in 1948, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion ordered the IDF to open fire on the Altalena, an Irgun ship loaded with weapons when it sailed into Tel Aviv. Sixteen Irgun fighters and three IDF soldiers were killed in the clash which has left a deep, emotional scare to this very day. Ben-Gurion insisted upon and acted to preserve the 'One Authority, One Gun' credo of a viable state. There is no comparison with Hamas, the Irgun took on the British Army and did not have a policy of deliberately targeting civilians with suicide bombers.

Unless, President Abbas is willing to confront Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other terror groups which defy his authority, he will have no chance of ever achieving 'One Authority, One Gun'. On the contrary, it will remain a hollow slogan and chaos and anarchy, which are the greatest enemies of the Palestinian people, will rule and not the newly elected leader.

David Essing

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