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Shimon Peres: 'The Coming Year Of Independence Holds Both New Dangers & New Hopes

There Is No Chance For Sanctions To Work Against Iran If The West Remains Divided

Golda Meir & Barbara Streisand On Israel's 30th Independence Day

Shimon Peres

On Israels 58th Independence Day, veteran Israeli leader Shimon Peres talked to IsraCast's David Essing about the hopes and dangers confronting the country. And we also go back to Israels 30th Independence Day and a memorable interview.

'If the West remains divided there is no chance that sanctions will succeed against Irans nuclear weapons program - thats the view of Shimon Peres. The long-time Israeli official says the Iranians are exploiting differences in the international community to make a mockery of the campaign to halt its nuclear drive. Peres warned those countries that value trade more than confronting the Iranian nuclear threat are making a grave mistake. In his view, Iranian nuclear weapons would find their way into the hands of terrorists. Peres compared the potential threat to that of Hitler who had caused the deaths of fifty million people during World War Two.

As for the Palestinians, the new Olmert government would make a determined effort to renew the peace process. But Peres added: The Palestinians must also come with a different reality and ready to build a better future for their children. If they continued the violence, their only alternative would be to remain in poverty and isolation. Peres, who has been appointed Minister responsible for the Galilee and Negev Development, said Israels 58th year of independence held both new hopes and new dangers which he was confident would be overcome.

In Jerusalem, Golda Meir was interviewed by Barbara Streisand on an audio link from Los Angeles. Streisand ended the interview by singing Hatikva.

David Essing

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