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Palestinian terrorists try to kill as many Israelis as possible, that's a given. Now, they have even murdered an unborn baby inside his mother's womb.

Funeral of three-day-old Amiad Israel on the Mount of Olives. May his memory be a blessing

Sunday evening on the West Bank: A small group of Israelis is waiting at a bus stop near the settlement of Ofra. Video footage shows a car approaching - it slows down at the bus stop, and from an open window a terrorist machine guns the Israelis. The car then speeds off into the night, leaving the victims sprawled on the ground - two dead, and a young wife and her husband in serious condition. The woman is seven months pregnant, and she and her husband are rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Jerusalem. They are taken to the Intensive Care Unit with the life of the unborn baby hanging in the balance. The doctors work intensively to save his life, but there is only one solution - an emergency cesarean section. He survives the operation, but newscasts over the following days describe his condition as critical. While the whole country hopes for the best, and some pray, for his life. Two days later, his mother and father are wheeled in their beds to his incubator to see him for the first, and alas, last time. Several hours later, the new baby passes away.

The newborn State of Israel is an embattled country under the threat of destruction since its rebirth in 1948. In addition to a series of wars, it has had to endure countless terror attacks that have killed and wounded thousands of Israelis - men, women, and children. But this was something different and struck a particularly painful chord. That night, a young male relative gently and mournfully carried the three-day-old infant, wrapped in a Tallit (prayer shawl), to a tiny grave on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. There was a deadly silence among the mourners, except for the sobbing of relatives and the weeping of the throng that walked behind the infant who had been torn from his mother's womb. And the shaken Rabbi, a veteran of many burials, spoke reverently the baby's name for the first time: "In Israel, he was known as Ami'ad Israel".

Another "only in Israel" experience

Israeli nurse Margalit Fried (Photo: courtesy)

A frail, 92-year-old woman, named Margalit Fried, sat on the ceremonial stage introduced as an Israeli nurse who had devoted her life to caring for children. She was being honored for her untiring and devoted service. Another shining example of an Israeli hero, not on the battlefield, but in caring for suffering children, including those who have somehow survived a Nazi holocaust. It is estimated that some 1,500,000 Jewish children lived in European countries occupied by Nazi Germany. Only some 100,000 of them survived the Holocaust In 1945, one of them was an infant who arrived at the transit camp on Cyprus on his way to the then-Palestine. Arriving at the field hospital was Margalit Fried, a 21-year-old Jewish nurse from Palestine. She was informed by the doctor in charge that this infant was in critical condition and had little or no chance of survival under the dire conditions and the lack of necessary medicine. Undaunted, the nurse replied, "Leave him with me." Then, for the next three consecutive days, almost without sleep, Margalit Fried nursed the baby and carefully dripped water into his mouth, something that was also vital for his survival. At the end of those three agonizing days, the baby boy, named Mair Weis, started on the road to his recovery. Now, fast forward to 2018, at the ceremony for the retired nurse. The Master of Ceremonies announced he had a special surprise for Margalit Fried. He then called on a burly 72-year-old man in the audience to come up on the stage. To the surprise of Margalit Fried and the audience, he was that baby boy she had saved 72 years ago. Amid tears and cries of joy, they fell weeping into each other's arms.

Political Analyst David Essing


David Essing

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