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East Jerusalem, with Israeli West Bank barrier in the background (By Anthony Baratier - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Two Israeli newspapers have disclosed that President Trump has offered Israel massive support against the Iranian nuclear threat in return for Israel's handing over four Jerusalem neighborhoods to the Palestinians. This according to the newspapers Ma'ariv and the Jerusalem Post on May 4th. For months there has been speculation about Trump's upcoming Middle East peace proposal. According to the unconfirmed reports, Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman was given some of the key components during his recent visit to Washington. The four Arab neighborhoods named are Shuafat, Jabel Mukaber, Isawiya, and Abu Dis. It follows that if these East Jerusalem neighborhoods were included in the Arab State of Palestine, one could be designated as the capital city. It makes sense - in past articles, Israel has suggested this solution to resolve the bitter feud over the Holy City. However, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his Likud party, as well as other coalition parties, have in the past categorically rejected a partition of East Jerusalem. In any case, if true the idea could dampen Palestinian rioting in Jerusalem and elsewhere over the opening of a new US embassy in the Jewish neighborhood of Arnona. However, the Palestinians are preparing to go on the warpath over the embassy issue.

The Mossad and Iran

Love him or hate him, Bibi's presentation of the Mossad's dramatic operation that exposed the details of Iran's secret nuclear weapons program makes James Bond look like an amateur. Netanyahu's documented evidence proved the Iranian's lie through their teeth. More importantly, it should have made clear to one and all that the Iranians violated their commitment to come clean on their nuclear weapons project as a condition for the JCPOA of 2015. It illustrates that the nuclear agreement was utterly violated from the start - not only did the Iranians lie about the project, they have secretly put their nuclear weapons program in cold storage for at best another seven years. But even now satellite photos have exposed suspicious activity us underway at the uranium enrichment plant at Fordo.

Former US president Barack Obama and the other great powers simply kicked the can down the road at Israel's expense. So what is the Jewish state supposed to do? Wait quietly for seven years or less to see if it is really going to be threatened with nuclear destruction, another holocaust?

What emerges from all this is that the Europeans, in particular, are exploited Israel as a nuclear tripwire. This as Britain, France, and Germany are ready to stand aside and watch: will the Iranians actually try to eventually nuke Israel, as they paint on their ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads? The Europeans still have lots of time - if Iran does eventually try to nuke Israel, then they will have time to act. This is why they cynically exploit the Jewish state as their tripwire. Meanwhile, like Russia and China, they are cynically cashing in on lucrative business deals with Iran - a fanatical Islamist regime that tortures its own people while it tries to gain control over the entire Muslim world. That is also why the Europeans poopoo Bibi's extraordinary presentation. However, I believe it's fair to say that the vast majority of Israelis, whether they vote Bibi or not, support what is his Biblical approach. "Whoever comes to kill you, rise up and slay him first." This seems all the more fitting in light of the fact that the "moderate" Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has just declared that the Jews themselves are to blame for the Holocaust. [This apparently includes the one and half million children who were murdered by the Nazis and their collaberators]. Oh yes, in light of the international condemnation of the Holocaust denier (dr. Abbas did his Ph.D. in denying the Holocaust), Abbas has now apologized.

Political Analyst David Essing

David Essing

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