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Natalie Portman Please Look at These Photos

"Why Natalie Portman was wrong about accepting a prize in Israel." That was the title of an article I was writing when the news started coming in. Ten Israeli high school students in their senior year were either missing or in critical condition after being caught in a flash flood roaring down a Negev Wadi. The whole country was fearful and spellbound. The previous day every radio and TV station had been warning not to hike in that area because torrential rains could trigger dangerous flash floods in the narrow gullies.

They simply wanted to make their best contribution by learning more about the geography of Israel, its Biblical history, and how to serve as a member of a unified group.

A massive rescue operation was swiftly mounted involving air force helicopters and special rescue teams. Of the 25 teenagers on the hike, nine bodies were recovered while one girl was still missing. The country was in a state of shock. How could this have happened despite the dire warnings? Who had approved this extremely dangerous trek? A police investigation was launched immediately. The group of hikers were from religious schools and had joined a volunteer course to prepare them in advance for doing their military service in the IDF. They simply wanted to make their best contribution by learning more about the geography of Israel, its Biblical history, and how to serve as a member of a unified group.

But why had the organizers of this program approved the trek when simple common sense should have ruled it out? Perhaps over-zealousness - what's a big rain storm for them? While 15 managed to save themselves, nine of the 10 who perished were young women. Apparently, they did not have the physical strength to survive when the huge wave of water and mud came roaring down the gully.

Somebody made a tragic mistake and these young teenage volunteers, their families, and yes, the rest of us, are also paying the price. It illustrates something about Israel that many people abroad, both friend and foe, do not realize - that these young Israeli patriots are ready to sacrifice their all to defend the Jewish State. Because in the big picture when you readers, and perhaps Natalie Portman, look at their photos you should also consider what their fate and that of all Israelis would be if Israel ever lost a single war against those who wish "to wipe it off the map!" Look at what's happening in Syria or the Yazidi people if you need any examples. That is not to say "My country right or wrong in every case." Everyone has the right to criticize Israel's leadership. And in this case, PM Bibi Netanyahu was to appear on the same stage at the awards ceremony. In fact, it is fair to say that even the majority of Israelis have never voted personally for Bibi and totally disagree with his settlement policy on the West Bank. Consider this, in the 120-member Knesset, the Likud Party won only 34 seats. That means that two out of three Israeli voters never cast their ballot for Netanyahu. What Natalie Portman should have understood is that by rejecting the award because of Bibi, she rejected the rest of Israel as well. The BDS gang has pounced on her decision to continue bashing Israel.

Finally, this pertinent question: Why could the actress not have accepted the award and at the award ceremony also criticized the Prime Minister? It would not have been proper public etiquette but it would have been far better than inadvertently joining the BDS crowd. The actress may have also referred to the Palestinian rioters, some of them teenagers who have been shot by Israeli soldiers while trying to break through Israel's security fence with Gaza. As many as 40,000 of them have been massing on Fridays, the Muslim Sabbath, threatening to break through the barrier, burst into Israel, and take back their homes; when their grandparents refused to accept the two-state solution 70 years ago. Make no mistake, they are not demanding peace negotiation for a two-state solution today - one Palestinian and one Israeli. They and their Iranian supporters are following in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler, openly declaring their intentions.

So what do Natalie Portman and Israel's other detractors expect us to do?

So what do Natalie Portman and Israel's other detractors expect us to do? What would they expect the West to do if tens of thousands of Mexicans tried to break through their border with the US and move back to their historic home in Texas and California?

That is not to say the IDF mustn't do everything it can to minimize the casualties and, in fact, the number of fatalities has been dropping. This brings me to the Russian angle in Syria. As if the Palestinians and Iran are not enough, President Putin is now threatening to station advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles in Syria. These missiles would be able to target all aircraft flying over Israel. The Jewish state, without doubt, has to cope with more threats to its existence than any other country on the globe.

P.S. What is apparently a historic breakthrough between North and South Korea is due to the determined stand of President Donald Trump. The US leader has sent a message loud and clear, "to friend and foe alike that he says what he means and means what he says". Trump has just declared:

    "Iran will not be doing nuclear weapons!"

He repeated it in case someone didn't hear.


Political Analyst David Essing



David Essing 

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