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Netanyahu didn’t sell Israel’s security

Op-ed: Even if the prime minister did know about his advisers’ involvement in the submarine affair, and he likely did, not for a moment did he think he was doing anything wrong. Even if his associates were making a profit from the deal, he still believed it would benefit the state.

Tell me, I am asked over and over again, both by friends and by people who aren’t my friends, have you people in the media gone mad? Do you really think Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sold the state’s interest to help his friends get rich? 

You’re creating the impression that “Netanyahu is a traitor,” without actually saying the word. It’s worse than what they did to the former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, some even say. And in any event, none of his supporters buy into your claims. You’re simply lying.

When you hear such a claim once, it can be tossed aside. When you hear it over and over again, in different wordings, instead of shutting yourself up in a bubble—you should listen to what these people are saying. They are crying out with all their heart. They are unwilling to listen to any more claims against Netanyahu in the submarine affair, in which he isn’t even an official suspect. In any event, if this feeling is shared by many people, and not just foolish fans, it deserves our attention.

There is truth to these claims. No matter what else is revealed in the submarine affair, Netanyahu didn’t sell Israel’s security to pour a fortune into his associates’ pockets. And if that’s what people concluded from the things I wrote in recent months, I would like to clarify that it wasn’t my intention, and I assume it wasn’t the intention of most of those who wrote about it either.

So what really happened? There are too many testimonies, including a state’s witness, and only a fool would be incapable of understanding that this is probably one of the gravest affairs in Israel’s history. It’s not just connections between capital and government, it’s connections between capital, security and government. But again, no one “sold” the state’s interests.

We can, and must, assume that the people involved in the affair were certain that they were doing the right thing. What did they do? They advanced another deal, perhaps added another submarine to the list, believing it would benefit the state, and yes, their pockets too. But they didn’t think they were damaging the state. They believed they were helping the state, and at the same time, making a profit. It’s true that the line between the personal interest and the national interest is being rapidly erased, but their excuse for benefitting themselves was that it would benefit the state too.

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Ben-Dror Yemin | Ynet News

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