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IsraCast Forecast: A buoyant Donald Trump will fly into Israel and call on Israel and the Palestinians to exploit a historic chance for peace.

After his 'tremendous talks' in Riyadh with Arab leaders, the U.S. President is convinced that he can help Netanyahu and Abbas close the deal. Fresh from his diplomatic success in Saudi Arabia, Trump will offer to act as a facilitator and instruct his administration to work overtime to aid Bibi and Abbas in forging peace. In Riyadh, he had heard that Muslim leaders world-wide would make peace with Israel the day after Bibi and Abbas hammered out an agreement. They already have signed on to the Saudi peace initiative for Israel. The first step was to return to the table with both sides making some good-will gestures to get the ball rolling.

Despite his legal headaches back in Washington, Trump will land in Israel with some international credit as a world leader after rebuilding America's bridges with the Muslim world. The icing on the cake was that huge one hundred-billion-dollar arms sale with Saudi Arabia that will provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for American workers. He has started delivering on this campaign pledge.

Trump will put both Netanyahu and Abbas on the spot, and likely neither one will want to arouse his ire by not cooperating. But both leaders are facing stiff opposition in their respective camps. Bibi leads a far-Right coalition that is totally opposed to a Palestinian state and the territorial concession required. On the other hand, the vast majority of Palestinians are just as adamant about recognizing Israel. In fact, Hamas is planning a demonstration against Trump in the West Bank and Gaza. But both leaders will put their best foot forward and hope for the best. Just in - Netanyahu has just announced an easing of travel restrictions on Palestinian workers and Palestinian building will be permitted in Area C of the West Bank. The Trump effect is now underway.


David Essing

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