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Test your glucose level without drawing blood

Israeli maker of GlucoTrack believes its noninvasive meter will encourage people with Type 2 diabetes to check glucose levels more often.

GlucoTrack users test glucose levels with an ear clip attached to a handheld control unit. Photo: courtesy

People with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance are advised to spot-check their blood-glucose levels several times daily to reduce the risk of serious complications. That’s a lot of finger-pricking, considering that about 700 million people fall into one of those categories. The Israeli company Integrity Applications put more than a decade into developing GlucoTrack, described as the first truly noninvasive system for self-monitoring glucose levels.

Instead of drawing blood, you clip the GlucoTrack sensor to your earlobe. A patented combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic and thermal technologies works with a proprietary algorithm to measure physiological parameters correlated with glucose level.

Results are displayed within about a minute on a USB-connected handheld control unit, which also stores and compares previous readings. The number is announced verbally, facilitating use by elderly and vision-impaired people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Sales in parts of Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand began in 2016, after the newest version of the device won regulatory approval in Europe and in South Korea. Integrity is soon beginning clinical trials of GlucoTrack Model DF-F in the United States required for US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, and is working toward approval in China.

The “DF” stands for David Freger, the late Israeli physicist who envisioned a novel noninvasive glucose monitor. His colleagues Avner Gal and David Malka helped him turn it into reality. “David passed away from diabetes complications at age 48 in 2004, and we called our device models DF to memorialize him,” Gal tells ISRAEL21c.

       This article was originally published by Israel21c. Click here to continue reading the full article.

Abigail Klein Leichman | ISRAEL21C

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