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Growing new bone from corals raised in the Israeli desert

Graft material made from the enriched mineral exoskeleton of cultured corals is four times stronger than human bone.

Photo credit: Toby Hudson - CC BY-SA 3.0

An Israeli bone-graft product made of enhanced coral has received CE approval to start sales in Europe for dental and orthopedic procedures. This unique product is made from corals grown in a closed system using patented technology to provide bioactivity and eliminate biological contamination. Many practitioners and medical device companies have already contacted CoreBone to learn more about its advantages over currently available products for bone grafting, says CEO Ohad Schwartz.

“Bone grafts ideally should have four features,” he explains. “They must be bioactive, not just a passive scaffold, in order to attract new bone cells; they must be strong enough to support the site, especially for implants; they must allow for being replaced as new bone grows; and they must be porous to enable vascularity,” meaning that blood vessels can grow through them naturally and produce growth of bone from the inside out. If you have all those features, you have a very good bone graft,” Schwartz continues. “We have all of those.”

Some organic grafts from animals or humans also have those features but they pose a serious risk of rejection and transmitting disease. Synthetic grafts avoid these risks but are much weaker than natural bone.

Alternatives are in high demand as the global markets for orthopedic and dental bone-graft substitutes are expected to reach $3.4 billion and $1 billion, respectively, next year.

“Our product offers the best of both worlds, and therefore it is an optimal solution,” Schwartz tells ISRAEL21c, adding that a European study found CoreBone to be four times stronger than human bone. Studies have demonstrated that CoreBone’s material has a high rate of bio-integration and connectivity with the host bone compared with leading products in the market, as well as almost complete bone healing within months.

This article has been republished with permission by www.ISRAEL21c.org. Click here to continue reading.

Abigail Klein Leichman | Israel21C

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