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Maybe Putin believes 'President' Trump would weaken America...

Trump and Putin collage

Israelis are also scratching their heads over the shenanigans of Donald Trump and how he is still even running for President. It would appear that Trump has passed the point of no return and only some new catastrophic disclosure about Hillary Clinton would bar her from entering the Oval Office. The most intriguing question is why Russian President Putin favors Trump and has mounted a cyber-campaign against Clinton leaking damaging material to American voters. In return, Trump has praised Putin as a 'strong leader'. But on the face of it, would the tough talking Trump not pose a more formidable rival to Putin than Hillary? Would she not follow in the footsteps of Obama by pulling in America's horns and giving Russia a free hand on the world stage?

This sounds reasonable but there could be another explanation; perhaps Putin reckons that Trump doesn't give a damn about the rest of the world. But more importantly Trump's election could in fact lead to a serious weakening of America by greater ethnic dissension between white and black Americans. And does anyone really believe that a businessman who declared bankruptcy at least four times has a magic wand for running the US economy? (His scam of not paying federal income that he brags about may payoff big-time for one individual but not for the rest of the country!)

Moreover if the polls are reliable, Trump's electoral base is with white, lower-middle class males who feel strongly about losing their vision of America during the two terms of Barack Obama. It follows that if Trump, by some quirk of fate, is elected, he will be beholden to them. What will this mean for his domestic policy? It would probably consist of the building of a high wall for Mexico, stepped-up monitoring of American Muslims, stiffer restrictions on immigration, maybe a quicker finger on the trigger for cops confronting Blacks and Hispanics. In short, possibly even greater domestic strife. And his foreign policy - a global trade war with Trump telling the rest of the world to go to hell!



Why Are Pope & Other Christian Leaders Silent On UNESCO's Temple Mount Fiasco?

Which word best describes the wacky resolution by UNESCO that only Muslims and not, Jews or Christians have any religious link to Temple Mount, the original site of the First and Second Jewish Temples in Jerusalem? Here's a short list:

Disgusting, ignorant, appalling, odious, shocking, despicable, vile, atrocious - actually all apply and the list goes on and on.

Even Irina Bokova, the Director General of UNESCO, was so embarrassed she issued a personal disclaimer within twenty-four hours. And with good reason - remember the first Jewish Temple was built on Mount Moriah by King Solomon in the Tenth Century BCE. It was subsequently destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The pesky Israelites came back and rebuilt the Second Temple. It in turn was also razed, this time by the Romans in 70 CE. Fast forward nearly 700 years! That's when the newly arrived Muslims decided to erect the Al Aqsa mosque on the historic religious site they co-opted from the Jews! 

Jerusalem Dome of the rock and Western Wall

Question: why did Islam select this site among the many others outside of Mecca and Medina in far-away Saudi Arabia? Probably because they heard there was something special about this real estate in Jerusalem if the Jews had picked it to erect their two earlier temples. Interestingly, Muslims blithely deny the documented evidence found in the First and Second Testaments and archaeological findings attesting to the Jewish connection. Then there's the Western Wall, the huge remaining remnant of the temples staring you in the face! But no, not only the Muslims but also twenty four UN members say otherwise and with a straight face. As nutty as this may seem the executive board of UNESCO, in their infinite wisdom, have voted 24 in favor, 6 against while another 24 chickened out by abstaining - why pick trouble with the 50 member Afro-Muslim bloc at the UN. In fact 17 of the 24 were either Islamic or African countries. The remaining seven included Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua all of which have mainly Christian populations and, one would assume, its leaders would have a passing knowledge about Jesus, a Jew, at the site of the Second Temple. (But on second thought who would want a moral vote from Russia…).

However let's not be naive about common sense or morality in the snake-pit of UN politics. Yet there is another issue involved - the religious rites and recognition not only of Jews but also of Christians is involved when it comes to the First and Second Temples. By negating the very significance of the Jewish Temples, UNESCO has also attacked Christianity. Faced with the passage of such an appalling decision on her watch Ms. Bokova, of Ukraine, has run afoul of her own executive board by personally objecting to its resolution:

      'Al Aqsa Mosque is also the Temple Mount, whose Western Wall is the holiest place in Judaism. Jerusalem is the sacred city of three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In the Torah, Jerusalem is the capital of King David, where Solomon built the Temple... In the Bible, Jerusalem is the passion of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the Koran, Jerusalem, the third holiest site in Islam (after Mecca & Medina) is where Mohammed arrived after his night journey from the Mosque in Mecca.'

Some simple facts noted by UNESCO's Director General, who apparently could not stomach what her own executive board had done. But this raises another issue. Where are the Pope and other Christian leaders around the world? Where do they stand on UNESCO's insult to Christianity? Surely they should also be speaking out. Granted the Pope has to worry about the remaining Christians in the Middle East, many of whom have already fled because of ongoing Muslim persecution.

What is behind this Islamic move that flies in the face of historical facts? Make no mistake; the Palestinians were the driving force behind the Islamic-African bloc's risible resolution to rewrite the history of the ancient Jewish homeland. This is their goal - not only to erase the very presence of the Jewish temples on Temple Mount but also the existence of the Jewish people, who were present long before they arrived on the scene. It is in line with the Palestinian refusal to even recognize the right of the Jews to a state of their own. Until Palestinian leaders say they recognize a Jewish homeland alongside their own future state, and start educating their people for this compromise, there will be no resolution of the ongoing conflict.

But hail the courageous six out of the 58 members on the executive board who refused to vote like idiots and voted against: U.S., Britain, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania and Estonia.

Then there are 24 who abstained rather than rock the boat with the Islamic states:

First, UNESCO stands for: 'United, Nations, Educational(?), Scientific(?) and Cultural(?) Organization'. My question marks are there on purpose in light of the twenty-four self-declared ignoramuses who voted for the resolution. How can such a body continue operating under the guise of being educational, scientific or cultural? They are anything but. Let's look at some of the key nations who abstained rather than vote with their brains or their conscience

France that educated, scientific and cultured state threw all this overboard as President Francois Holland tried to butter-up the Arab world.

Then there's Italy which has positive proof of the Second Jewish Temple because their ancestors, the Romans, actually demolished it in 70AD. So proud of their commander they built the impressive Arch of Titus smack in the middle of Rome depicting how his legions took the Temple apart piece by piece. But this was apparently not sufficient for the current Italian government some two thousand years later. But at least Rome also abstained; otherwise they would have had to imply that the Arch of Titus was a monumental fake- so to speak. It's part of how things are done in UNESCO which gives 'special treatment' to the Jewish state. If Israel is 100% right and being unjustly vilified sometimes six brave members of the 58 member board will stand up and be counted. But at the same time another 24 will side with Israel by abstaining - in ‘UNESCO double-speak’ this means against but they don't want their vote to be counted. This left another 24 who would muster a majority even if the Afro-Islamic bloc tabled a resolution blaming Israel for the Syrian civil war and the Russian war crimes perpetrated there.

Then there's Spain, Italy, Sweden and Ukraine those other European states that felt there was a limit to how low they would stoop to Afro-Islamic pressure. They mustered all their political morality and abstained. On this score, note that not one European country, aside from Russia, voted for the risible resolution! There is also some consolation for Israel in that a majority of states, six against plus twenty four abstainers, did not support this pro-Palestinian chicanery.

Several Asian states such as Japan, South Korea and India, who have close ties with Israel, also refused to cave in to the pressure.

On the other hand, China, being China, voted for it. Prime Minister Netanyahu got in a nice dig at China and Egypt for voting in favor of the resolution:

      'To say that Israel has no connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall is like saying that China has no connection to the Great Wall of China or that Egypt has no connection to the Pyramids. By passing this absurd decision, UNESCO has lost what legitimacy it had left!'

Kheops pyramid and part of the Great Wall of China



























David Essing

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