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Israel's Top Leaders Clash Over Reaction To President Obama's Statement On Iran Nuclear Deal


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Negotiation about Iranian Nuclear Program

Israel's Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and his new Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman have crossed swords for the first time. U.S. President Barack Obama actually started those fireworks. A year after the great powers reached the nuclear deal with Iran. Obama stated categorically, that the Israeli defense community now acknowledged, that Iran was abiding by the agreement which had turned out to be a 'game-changer'. Defense Minister Lieberman took umbrage and issued a strongly worded statement denying that he and his minions had backed the Iran accord. On the contrary - Lieberman compared it to the notorious Munich accord signed by Britain's Neville Chamberlain and Adolph Hitler of Nazi Germany. Lieberman's statement went on to say that Munich did not prevent either World War II or the Holocaust. He stated that today Iran was following in Hitler's footsteps.

These words won’t make friends nor influence people in the Obama administration these days. Certainly not, when Israeli negotiators in Washington are trying to wrap up a new military aid agreement that is so vital to Israel's defense. One would expect that Israel's new Defense Minister, of all people, would know better. But that's what Bibi risked when he dumped Moshe Ya'alon and appointed Lieberman, who has a well-earned reputation of a bull in a china shop.

Bibi apparently hit the roof. Even on the Sabbath eve, when official business is halted, he issued an urgent statement separating himself from Lieberman's tirade against Obama. Although Netanyahu fought the Iranian agreement tooth and nail, once it was concluded he accepted it as a done deal. Both he and Obama buried the hatchet and moved on. The US has handed over the first F-35 stealth fighters to Israel while the military aid talks continue. So naturally, the PM must have been more than a little peeved by Lieberman and Netanyahu tried to set the record straight:

      'Israel has no greater ally than the US. And while Israel's position on the Iranian nuclear deal remains unchanged, it is important that those who agreed with the agreement and those who opposed it, will cooperate to insure that Iran does not violate it. This is necessary to check Iran's regional aggression and to dismantle its global terror network. The Prime Minister anticipates that these goals will serve as a joint policy that strengthens the alliance between Israel and the US, under the leadership of President Obama and the next administration'.

Psychological profile for Trump?...
Donald Trump fought his race for the Republican nomination like a cage fighter with almost no holds barred. These tactics gained him free TV time, massive attention and the chance to lambaste Hillary Clinton. Overnight he became the darling of many white middle-class Americans who feel they have been getting the short end of the stick. He was a master of socking it to the Democrats. But once he won the nomination, Trump was expected to start presenting practical domestic and foreign policies to show what he would do if he is elected. Do American voters really want a ferocious cage-fighter with his hands on the nuclear codes? But until now, Trump has still been locked into his outrageous rhetoric even chiding a mother whose baby cried during one of his speeches, or insulting the parents of a Muslim officer who was killed while serving in the US Army. Many people are beginning to wonder if what you see is all there is, that this is what America and the Free world will get if Trump makes it to the White House.

Not only has President Obama, said he thinks that Trump is 'unfit' to serve as President but also many senior members of the Republican Party. House Speaker Paul Ryan has just warned that Trump could cause the Republicans to lose control in Congress:

      'We could be handing President Hillary Clinton a blank check!'

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton continues to widen her lead unless Trump gets his act together. Otherwise, the suspicion that Trump may not have all his marbles will grow.
I wonder if the Democrats are now working on a psychological profile of Trump in light of his bizarre behavior. It is well known that the CIA and other foreign intelligence agencies gather all the information they can on other world leaders - friends and foes alike. In the hands of psychiatrists this can provide a clue on how the leader will react to various situations or under severe stress. So maybe the time has come for such an analysis of the man who could become the leader of the Free world. Would the exposure of such a profile be an invasion of Trump's medical privacy? Possibly, But if he may be about to become the most powerful leader in the world with his hands on A-bombs maybe it would be justified.
In the 1972 Presidential campaign, Senator Thomas Eagleton was elected the Vice Presidential candidate by the Democrats. However when it was disclosed that Eagleton had a medical history that included hospitalization for severe depression, he was forced to resign from the race.

While we're at it maybe a psychological profile of Avigdor Lieberman may be in order. Even though, Lieberman's bluster is a far cry from Trump's antics.
Netanyahu himself has also been targeted as a boisterous politician who even tried to take on President Obama in the US Congress over the Iranian nuclear deal. The fact of the matter is that Netanyahu may talk tough at times but when faced with life-and-death situations, he is not rash or reckless but takes a long hard look before he gives the go-ahead. This was apparent during the war with Hamas in Gaza in 2014. He accepted a cease-fire proposal after just six days which was rejected by Hamas. And despite his threats to go at it alone against Iran's nuclear weapons program, he never sought cabinet approval to do so. Moreover the late Meir Dagan, a director of the Mossad, once revealed that Netanyahu would often order a reappraisal of a risky Mossad operation after he had previously approved it.

Hamas diverts Christian humanitarian aid to terrorism...
Christians around the world donate tens of millions of dollars to help Palestinian civilians in war-torn Gaza. Little do they know that a big chunk of this cash has been side-tracked by Hamas for its terror operations against Israel. Israel's internal secret service the Shabak has arrested and indicted a Palestinian named Mohammad el Halabi, who has admitted to being a Hamas operative who had infiltrated the World Vision charity organization in Gaza over ten years ago. He slowly worked himself up the organization to a position where he could allocate a grand total of forty million dollars to Hamas - contributions that were earmarked for charity in Gaza. Instead he diverted the huge amount to Hamas operations under phony names.

For example under the title of helping Palestinian farmers in Gaza, money was used to dig tunnels under the Israeli border for launching terror attacks. A fund to aid Gaza fisherman was also diverted to financing the Hamas Naval Commando operations. In one egregious case, el Halabi even diverted 2,500 food packages from needy Palestinian families to Hamas 'Battalions'. The World Vision international organization said it was all news to them and ordered its own inquiry. Hamas leader Ismail Hanya has denied any knowledge of the scheme. This is not the first time that vast sums of international donations have been diverted to terror operations.
Money sent through UN channels such as UNWRA has often gone mysteriously astray. Not all of those funds found their way into terror attacks against Israel - a considerable part is known to have ended up in the pockets of Palestinian officials. Former PLO leader Yasser is believed to have died leaving his widow with over one billion dollars squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts. The current Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has a more moderate estimate of only one hundred million dollars!


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