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France's '9/11', US Election Campaign & Israel

Aftermath from the terror attack in Nice, France.

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite is a magnificent motto but it just got trumped by the battle cry of 'Allah Akbar'. The cold-blooded murder of over 84 children, women and men in Nice is a startling example of our age. After the Islamic terror attacks in Paris last November, French President Francois Hollande thought declaring a half-hearted 'state of emergency' would do the trick. And after hosting the huge Euro-Cup soccer tournament, France had breathed a sigh of relief. But then came the new slaughter that killed so many and wounded many, some critically, ironically at Bastille Day celebrations for what is probably the greatest democratic event in all of history, the French Revolution.

Earlier in the day, Hollande had actually announced the reduced threat of terror would enable lifting of the state of emergency later this month. Talk about being out of touch with reality. Clearly Hollande has failed in what is the first obligation of any leader - to provide adequate security for his citizens. After the November wave of attacks that killed 128 people, IsraCast wrote:

       “Although all Muslims must not be held accountable for this terrorism, it is only common sense that there is now a clear and present danger (in France). President Hollande may have no alternative but to enact more restrictive measures to monitor Muslims, as is the case in Britain and the U.S..... The Muslim community in France will also be called upon to play a more active role in trying to combat Muslims they suspect are planning to attack fellow French citizens.”

Bear in mind that Daesh calls on Muslims worldwide to go to Syria and join its army. If they cannot, Muslims are urged to launch a Jihad wherever they live - it is a Jihad against the 'Christian Crusaders'. The Muslim population in France is estimated to be as high as seven million and the Daesh appeals will fall on some receptive ears.

But if a moderate Centrist leader does not launch a more effective counter-terror campaign, he or she will leave the door open to more radical Right wing politicians. They will rise to power with their promises to impose draconian measures. It is not an easy task to find the effective balance between restricting civil liberties and security for all citizens. But if this is not done by the moderate politicians, chances are that the voters will eventually elect more extreme nationalist politicians to do the job, and maybe not only in France.

Will Nice rock Trump-Clinton race?

The latest Muslim massacre in France will obviously persuade some of the floating vote in America - Donald Trump will gain support at the expense of Hillary Clinton. Trump can attack Clinton with even greater vim and vigor, accusing her of being a clone of President Barack Obama, who even refuses to use the term of Muslim terrorism. For her part, Clinton will have to follow Obama's straight and narrow path on the issue of Islamic terrorism if she wants to retain Obama's support. Interesting what husband Bill will advise her to do under the circumstances.

Then there's the copycat effect from Nice. In one fell swoop, one Islamic terrorist packed one truck with explosives and then set out on a rampage that murdered over eighty infidels. (It is conceivable he had help from other terrorists). If you are a budding terrorist somewhere in the West and watching Daesh on the Internet, you will be rubbing your hands in glee. While we're at it, let's not forget Israel either. The cost-benefit payoff is fantastic. And that is why many security services worldwide are now reviewing their tactics for coping with such a diabolical threat.

Meanwhile in Iran, the Revolutionary Guards' Quds force, which orchestrates foreign terror attacks, is likely analyzing the pros and cons of the truck-bomb method in Nice.

Iran warns it can quickly resume nuclear (weapons) program...

One year to the nuclear deal, Iran is not happy over its economic payoff. Tehran, we are told, is keeping to the accord that has reduced its supply of enriched uranium, degraded its ability to produce plutonium at the Arak reactor and mothballed many of its advanced centrifuges for enriching uranium more quickly. Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu had argued long and hard that this was only putting the Ayatollahs' nuclear weapons program on hold, not dismantling it altogether.

At the time, Obama and other administration officials panned Bibi for not knowing what he was talking about. Guess what? Iran's moderate President Hassan Rouhani has just vindicated Netanyahu. Rouhani was front man for presenting a new moderate Iran bent on building better relations with the U.S. and the international community. However, a not-so-charming Rouhani has now warned that if the U.S. does not meet all of Tehran's economic expectations, Iran can swiftly revive its nuclear (weapons) program!

Just as Bibi contended Iran's nuclear facilities remain largely intact and just need to receive the order to start revving them up again. But the Iranians 'are not stupid and they are not foolish', to borrow an expression by Secretary Kerry about American officials - they will try and milk the deal for all its worth before trying to break out for A-bombs.

In the interim, they will keep busy by building ballistic missiles, capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. Those ICBMs can reach most European capitals but not the Atlantic seaboard of the U.S. - not yet, that is. By the time they can, Obama will probably be publishing his memoirs. Wonder if Bibi will still be in office. One of his former top aides is being investigated by police on suspicion of fraud while serving in the PM's bureau, but no one is holding their breadth.



David Essing

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