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Gaza's Civilians As Cover

IDF Video Indicates Palestinian Mother & Four Children Were Killed By Secondary Explosion Of Terrorists' Explosives

Israeli Chopper Fired Missile At Armed Terrorists During Clash In Gaza Strip On April 28th

Palestinian Civilians: 'Hamas Fighters Exploited Us For Cover During Incident'

Hamas Terrorists in the Gaza Strip

The Israel Defense Forces have released aerial video from the helicopter that fired a missile at Hamas gunmen moving amid populated Palestinian buildings in the Beit Hanoun on April 28th. A subsequent explosion is believed responsible for the killing of a mother and her four children who were nearby. In an unprecedented step, the rival Palestinian Fatah movement has published on its website, severe criticism of Hamas by Palestinian residents in the Beit Hanoun neighborhood. IsraCast quotes these Palestinian civilians as charging that Hamas is exploiting them as cover for their Qassam rocket attacks on Israel. See IDF video of the two explosions.

IDF video of the two explosions

First to the IDF aerial video that shows a group of terrorists moving amid populated Palestinian buildings during the clash in which two IDF soldiers were wounded. The chopper then fires a missile with a relatively small payload which explodes among the terrorists. Immediately after, a much larger secondary explosion rocks the area. This secondary blast is believed to be the terrorists' explosives and rockets. The conclusion is that the mother and the four children were killed by the secondary explosion- the IAF uses small missiles against terrorists in populated areas in order to reduce collateral damage.

On its website, the Fatah website has publicized sharp criticism of Hamas quoting Palestinian residents of Beit Hanoun. The website writes: 'The Israeli army fired the shell that killed a mother and her four children. But why did the Israeli army fire near Palestinian homes? The question is why did the Israeli army fire into a populated Palestinian area?'

As reported by Maariv newspaper, some Fatah supporters live in high rise buildings in the Beit Hanoun area. They were quoted as saying: Hamas calls our buildings their 'second line of confrontation'. Whenever the IDF advances toward Beit Hanoun (after Qassam rocketing of Sderot) Hamas gunmen engage the IDF in firefights against the will of the local residents. Abu Raja, who lives in the Al Nada complex witnessed what happened when the the mother and four children were killed. First, after an Israeli tank and armored personnel carrier approached the area, dozens of masked Hamas gunmen rushed to the area, many carrying valises filled with weapons. 'They ran into our buildings and ordered us to leave. The women implored the gunmen to distance themselves from our children and homes.Tempers flared and the gunmen beat some of the residents. We had to leave the buildings in their hands. Then Hamas piled sandbags into our bedrooms and living room. They set up machine guns at the windows and planted explosive charges on the sidewalks. They sent us behind them in an open area'. And Abu Raja added: 'They tell us everything they do is sacred and we are worthless - that they are doing their duty even if it costs our children's blood'.

Such blunt criticism is almost never voiced publicly. But Abu Raja asks: 'What fighters conquer civilians' homes and place Qassam rockets near inhabited buildings? It's all for launching rockets that will land on a sand dune or kill women and children. They want Palestinian blood to continue to flow to prove they are a resistance organization. Does my son need to die in his sleep for nothing? What is the value of such a fighter who places a machine gun at my son's window and opens fire on Israelis?'

Not far from Abu Raja's home is the Al Uda complex that houses 3,000 residents. One of its residents named Abu Hussein also described what happened that fateful Monday morning: 'Dozens of Al Qassam fighters arrived in our neighborhood. They set up their equipment and rockets in full view of Israeli observation posts. Then they opened the doors of all the buildings and even knocked out the wall of one of the buildings for an emergency exit to escape to the rear'.

Palestinian testimony carried on the Fatah website.

David Essing

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