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"ATTENTION SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY" - An Interview with Regional Expert Menashe Amir

An Audio Interview with Menashe Amir:

'American collaboration with Iran in trying to resolve current Iraqi crisis will alienate Washington's Sunni allies in the region such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan'.

'Iran views ISIS territorial gains in Iraq as a disaster, but slim chance Tehran will intervene unless Sunni Muslims attack Shiite holy sites'.

'Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other Sunni states in the region are on same side as Israel in facing Iranian threat'.

Territorial control of the ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Color indications: Red = area controlled by ISIS, Yellow = area claimed by ISIS, Beige = remainder of Syria and Iraq. (photo credit: SA 3.0)

 The bitter rivalry between Sunni and Shiite Muslims has erupted in Iraq with greater fury than ever. Since the U.S. withdrawal in 2011, the country has been racked with bloody terrorism between the two Muslim sects. Now a fanatic Sunni military force, which was spawned amid the Syrian civil war and known as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), has shown up in Iraq where it has made stunning territorial gains. In just a few days, the vastly outnumbered Sunni fighters routed five Iraqi army divisions, capturing large quantities of American weapons and advancing on Baghdad… 

 ISIS is an offshoot of al Qaeda, which it considers too moderate, and is bent on establishing a Sunni Muslim state in Iraq and Greater Syria (which also includes Jordan, Lebanon and of course Israel and the West Bank). After toppling the regime of Saddam Hussein, two U.S. presidents George Bush and Barack Obama tried to bring democracy to the war torn country. But since the U.S. withdrawal in 2011, and after the sacrifice of 4,500 fallen soldiers, and many more wounded, and at a cost of over one trillion dollars, Iraq appears to be breaking up into its ethnic and religious communities.


Journalist, David Essing interviews expert, Menashe Amir


Listen to David Essing interviewing Iranian expert Menashe Amir:





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