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Defense Minister Amir Peretz Orders IDF To Prepare To Capture Hezballah Rocketing Sites

Public Outcry To Expand Campaign After Hezballah Rocketing Killed Fifteen Israelis And Wounded Many More

Hezbollah Rocket (Aljazeera)

On Sunday, Hezballah launched its fiercest rocketing attack of the war. Twelve IDF soldiers were killed and twenty wounded near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi inside Israel. During the day, some one hundred and fifty Katyusha rockets pummeled Galilee causing extensive damage. Later in the evening, longer range Fajr rockets with one hundred kilograms of explosives were launced from inside the Lebanese port of Tyre into the Israeli port of Haifa. Three Israeli civilians were killed and scores were wounded.

Reacting to the intense rocketing, Defense Minister Amir Peretz ordered the IDF to prepare plans to capture Lebanese territory that is used to rocket Israel. Although this indicates that Israel is about to step up the ground campaign, a move north to the Litani river must be approved by the security cabinet.

But after the worst Israeli casualties on Sunday, public opinion wants action. The right wing opposition, the media and independent commentators are demanding that the government order the IDF to more north to the Litani river. Israeli intelligence says up to 80% of the Katyushas are being launched from the area between the Litani and the Israeli border. Knesset Member Effy Eitam of the National Union is a retired Brigadier General in the IDF infantry corps. In the following interview, Eitam discusses the following questions:

  • Is Hezbollah's fierce rocketing attack on Sunday its real answer to the seize-fire proposal being debated at the U.N.?
  • Is it clear today that Lebanon is a forward base for Iran and that Israel is in effect fighting Iran?
  • Should the IDF be ordered to advance to the Litani river?
  • Why is the IDF taking so much time to clear Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon?
David Essing

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