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Analysis of some of the events at Bitunia on May 15, 2014

Time period: 13:40:59 - 13:45:56

Analyst: Avi Yaffe

 I have worked in tape analysis for over forty and have been appointed by Israeli courts to serve as 'expert witness' and present impartial conclusions when litigants present conflicting sound and sight evidence. At my Jerusalem studio I use sophisticated equipment to reach a true and objective analysis. I do not contend that tragic events did not occur in the clash between Palestinian rioters at Bitunia on May 15th. But before drawing any conclusions from what may appear to be evident from the photographs, it is essential to first conduct a detailed and professional analysis. 

  Due to the fact that that Israel has delayed in presenting its official reaction, IsraCast has decided to conduct its own professional analysis on the basis of available data at the Avi Yaffe Studio in Jerusalem.

  The time frame involved - 13:40:59 PM until 13:45:56 PM from Palestinian footage at the site, which they contended proved that IDF soldiers had deliberately shot dead one of two Palestinian youths with live ammunition. The IDF has rejected the claim saying the soldiers did not fire live ammunition, but rubber bullets that are not capable of killing at a distance of some one hundred yards. CNN has interviewed a distraught father of one of the Palestinian fatalities while displaying the almost undamaged live bullet that he said had killed his son.

"This bullet, if it did what the doctor says it did, penetrated the chest, exiting the body, hitting the backpack and going through several books and notebooks..."

 Analysis: Scene of incident: The forecourt of the road where Palestinians say a youth was deliberately shot dead by IDF troops firing live ammunition. One group of Palestinians was gathered near the wall of a building that offered them cover and where the victim was seen walking out in the open along the road. The Israeli troops were deployed some 60-100 meters away to the south. North of this scene, another group of Palestinians gathered along the road with a Red Crescent ambulance waiting nearby. The relevant time period of 3:54 sec. was divided into separate but corresponding time frames from two Palestinian cameras from separate ends of the site where the Palestinians had been stoning the IDF troops. The photos were then examined one against the other in synchronization, when possible, in order to present a fuller picture of what had transpired. The photos from the camera designated ‘North’ were placed on the right-hand side, while the corresponding footage from the camera designated ‘South’ were placed on the left. This presented two angles of the event, which was filmed by two separate Palestinian cameras situated on the Arab building. This system enabled a close examination of the behavior and movements of most of the Palestinians in the arena. The findings were surprising, and raised a number of pertinent questions. Was what happened in these 3:54 minutes coincidental, or was it staged?

Dr. Yosef Yekutiel, a gunshot specialist, explains holes in the bullet tale

 The following series of photos will aid the viewer in drawing their own conclusions. My own impression is that if there were casualties at this Bitunia incident, the youth who fell forward, to land on both his outstretched arms 'after being shot in the chest' was not among them. 















Anyone who understands bullets knows that once it goes through the chest, hits bone, it becomes deformed. At the moment it enters and hits the paper in the books the front part would have crumpled in a very prominent way." - Fire Arm Specialist, Dr. Yosef Yekutiel

 Some relevant questions:

  • Why didn't the Palestinians standing nearby, who had just been involved in a violent clash with the Israelis, not warn the schoolboy that he was walking in the open right in the direction of the Israelis? On the contrary, everyone stood and watched as if they were watching an outdoor performance or waiting for their cue.
  • As mentioned earlier, how could a live bullet with enough force to kill the youth by penetrating his chest and then exiting through his school bag with books, have been thrown forward? Obviously the power of the bullet would have driven him backward.
  • How did a previous Palestinian hobble on one leg into the street having to be supported by a companion and then walk away normally when an ambulance does arrive immediately on time according to the script?
  • How does one Palestinian dive for cover when he hears the nearby gunshots that hit the youth just a few meters away while the man in the white shirt, who has realized it's being staged, doesn't even flinch?
  • Then there's the magic bullet that supposedly penetrated the youth's chest and then carried on through his school bag filled with books to exit the other side and remain in nearly pristine condition.
Dr. Yekutial explains, "The thickening that we can see here around he barrel is not intended for firing live ammo..only rubber bullets"


There are additional issues that point to this logical conclusion: if there were serious casualties or fatalities in the clash at Bitunia on May 25th, one thing is certain - it is my professional opinion that the youth who fell forward on his hands was not among them.  

Avi Yaffe

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