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Senior Israeli Official in Geneva: "Top Obama Aides are Advising U.S. President to Leave Final Decision on Iran for His Successor!"

"Geneva Nuclear Deal Offered Recently To Iran Was Actually Worked Out Between Washington & Tehran Behind Israel's Back & Without Secretary of State Kerry's Involvement"

Prime Minister Netanyahu: "Iranians already have a stockpile of low grade uranium that can be further enriched for producing five nuclear weapons"

 Is U.S. President Barack Obama trying to pass the buck on Iran to his successor? Yes, according to a top Israeli official in Geneva to Israel Radio shortly before the second round of talks between the 5P+1 and Iran. The disclosure by the anonymous official was conveyed to 'Voice of Israel' special correspondent Chico Menashe, who was sent to Geneva to cover the crucial nuclear talks. According to the official, the Iranians have identified Obama's inclination and are playing it to their advantage. It was only due to French opposition that the first deal was not concluded on November 9th in Geneva. The report should be given high credibility since the Voice of Israel is Israel's equivalent of the BBC and is also a publicly financed but independent network. If reliable, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has lost credibility in President Barack Obama's determination to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. 

 It is highly unlikely the Israeli official in Geneva would have dropped such a bombshell at such a crucial time without being instructed to do so by the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem. It indicates that Israeli intelligence has inside knowledge of Iran's top level decision-making and possibly that Israel has details of a new deal between Washington and Tehran that will be tabled at the second round In Geneva starting on November 20th.

...the Iranians now have a stockpile of low-grade uranium that can be further upgraded to produce five nuclear weapons.

 The Israeli correspondent quoted the Israeli official as saying that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was left out of the Obama loop on the Iranian deal. In effect, when Kerry charged that Netanyahu did not know all the details of the proposal, the Israel Prime Minister actually knew more about it than Kerry! The accusation that Obama is deliberately avoiding a confrontation with Iran and seeking to buy time and pass the crisis on to his successor in another three years is Netanyahu's harshest criticism ever of Barack Obama. It would mean that Obama has taken the military option off the table, despite the President's denials. Netanyahu might be challenging Obama 'to prove me wrong' by holding out for a nuclear agreement that would not permit the Iranians to maintain their current nuclear capability that could enable them to break out for nuclear weapons in the future after the current sanctions have been eased and they have restored their economy. The Israeli leader has charged that the first offer to Tehran did not include the dismantling of even one of their 19,000 centrifuges, which have been used to build a stockpile of enriched uranium for A-bombs. Netanyahu and other impartial nuclear experts have charged recently that Iran now has the potential for producing sufficient weapons grade uranium to start producing A-Bombs within several months, once they decide to do so. The Israeli leader told the German newspaper Bild that the Iranians now have a stockpile of low-grade uranium that can be further upgraded to produce five nuclear weapons.



 David Essing 

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