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The Six Day War – Songs from the Studio Archives

"Israel of 67" - sung by Yosef Moustaki

"Israel of 67" - sung by Elinoar

"Oath to Jerusalem" - sung by Elinoar

 The stunning victory of the Six Day War gave way to nation-wide enthusiasm and euphoria, even some of the Palestinian residents were excited and now hoped that better days had arrived.

 As a result, this uplifting national spirit inspired many new songs that singers and military bands performed for troops all across the country - the Sinai, the West Bank, the Jordan Valley, and Golan Heights.

Yosef Moustaki

 During that period, I was acquainted with the composer and singer Yosef Moustaki (George Moustaki's cousin) from the Jerusalem Khan Theatre.

 Yosef proposed I record a few songs he had composed in wake of the war, including: "Israel of 67", "Song for the Anonymous Paratrooper" (melody: Yosef Mouskati, lyrics: Uri Asaf), and more. These beautiful songs have rarely been played or heard.

 Below are two versions of the song "Israel of 67", the first sung by Yosef Moustaki, and the second sung by Elinoar. The production was done by musician and composer, Haim Tzur.

 "Israel of 67" - (Yosef Moustaki)

 "Israel of 67" - (Elinoar)


Yosef Moustaki

 I recorded the accompaniment on magnetic tape, in the Beit Ha'am Auditorium in Jerusalem, after which I recorded the vocals the little studio in my house.

 The following recording is the song "Oath to Jerusalem", sung with the lovely voice of singer, Elinoar. (Melody: Haim Tzur, Lyrics, Yehiel Amitai).  This song was first played in a ceremony that took place 10 days after the war, and was then sung by singer Avraham Perera.


 "Oath to Jerusalem" - (Elinoar)


 Soon after, another song was done about Jerusalem after the war - "Oath of Jerusalem", also song by Elinoar and produced by Haim Tzur. (This is after we determined who the composers were).

 Unfortunately, the State of Israel did not know how to take advantage of the fruits of victory, and perhaps we missed a chance for a peace agreement.

 The euphoria took hold of us, and after six years the Yom Kippur War broke out ...

Avi Yaffe

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