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In Canada, Muslim Community Did Right Thing In Tipping Off Authorities About Two Al Qaeda Terrorists

If It Hasn't Already, Canada Should Step Up Security Cooperation With Israel's Mossad & Shabak Security Services

Iran, like North Korea, is escalating its provocations in response to growing international pressure over their nuclear weapons programs. Both 'crazy states' are trying to show they must not be tampered with in their drive to acquire nuclear capability

 Add Canada to the list of countries where Iran is flexing its muscles while continuing its relentless drive to acquire nuclear weapons. Just look at the list: Kathmandu (Nepal), New Delhi (India), Tbilisi (Georgia), and Bangkok (Thailand) are all sites of planned terror attacks against Israel instigated by Iran. But not only Iran; American authorities are now investigating how they fouled up by not catching the two Tsarnaev brothers suspected of the Boston Marathon bombing after being warned by the Russians in 2011. 

 The Muslim community in Canada has stepped up to the challenge of confronting Islamist terrorists who threaten their fellow Canadians. In so doing, they have not only acted as loyal, law abiding citizens but also foiled any attempt to stereotype all Muslims as potential terrorists. In return, the Mounties briefed two dozen Muslim community leaders before arresting Chihen Esseghaier of Montreal and Raed Jaser of Toronto for plotting to blow up a train travelling between Toronto and New York. A spokeswoman for the Canadian Muslim community stated: "The partnership and collaboration between the (Canadian) security agencies and the Muslim community is at a heightened level."  Both the RCMP and the Muslim community did the right things in handling a dangerous threat to Canada's internal security. (Unfortunately this is not always the case with organizations that represent Muslims in the U.S.). 

 Iranian connection...

 The Canadian authorities have disclosed that Esseghaier traveled to Iran within the past two years. Although the Tunisian had received 'direction and guidance' while in Iran, the RCMP had no information to indicate the Iranians had sponsored what was the first known al Qaeda attack inside Canada. But consider this: the Iranian regime controls a special military unit known as the 'Quds Force" that is responsible for' extraterritorial operations'. This is a Foreign Legion that mounts terror operations around the world. It reports directly to Iran's top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In addition, the regime controls an oppressive internal security apparatus, backed by the fanatical Basij militia that rigorously enforces the aims of the Revolutionary Guards and the Islamist ideology. Ironically, the Arab Spring actually started in Iran, a non-Arab state. Following the rigged election in 2009, secular Iranians seeking democracy, were brutally suppressed by the Basij. Is it likely that Al Qaeda would dare plan and train terrorists inside Iran for a mass terror attack in Canada without first getting a green light from the regime? It's possible but highly unlikely. But kill Canadians in cold blood? Remember the Iran-Iraq War, the Basij indoctrinated Iranian children, as young as twelve, to run through Iraqi minefields to clear the way for the Revolutionary Guards. When it comes to advancing their religious fanaticism anything goes for both Iran and Al Qaeda. This then, is the nature of the threat that Canada and its Muslim community must address, and their 'partnership and collaboration' is indeed vital. And if it hasn't happened already, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service would do well to step up its cooperation with Israel's tried and tested Mossad and Shabak Internal Security Service. 

 Hizbollah launches second drone at Israel... 

 Hizbollah, Iran's proxy in Lebanon has done it again - another intelligence drone was launched from off the Lebanese coast aimed at penetrating Israeli air space and again Israeli jets shot it down, this time over the Mediterranean Sea. Iran and Syria have built this fanatical Shiite militia into a military force more powerful than even the Lebanese Army, and with an arsenal of up to 100,000 rockets and missiles ready to target Israeli towns and cities. However, the meltdown of the Assad regime is a severe body blow to Hizbollah now that its axis with Syria and is crumbling. Hizbollah dispatched many of its men to fight alongside the Syrian army against the rebels and some have been sent home in caskets. Again, there are Iranian fingerprints all over the Hizbollah drone that was supplied by Tehran. The Iranians and the North Koreans are not only collaborating on nuclear weapons in the face of international censure and sanctions, they are also striking out in various ways to show the world they will not give in. 

 Israel prefers U.S. stay out of Syria...

 The U.S. should stay out of Syria's civil war - this is apparently the position of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. The message was delivered by Likud Knesset Member Tzachi Hanegbi, a confidant of the PM. In an interview with Israel Radio, Hanegbi stressed the main thing now was for the U.S. and the international community to remain focused on the Iranian nuclear threat. This would be hampered if America got involved in Syria at this critical juncture.  Hanegbi did not rule out the possibility that Tehran had encouraged Assad to start using chemical weapons in order to draw the Americans into the Syrian conflagration and away from Iran as it enters the last lap of its nuclear weapons project. The Israeli MK also noted that there was no way of knowing who would dominate Syria after the fall of Assad. It was conceivable that the large numbers of Al Qaeda and other jihadist fighters could be Israel's new neighbors on the Golan Heights. The supply of American weapons could fall into their hands. Hanegbi concluded: "When it came to Asssad or Al Qaeda, the choice is between the plague and cholera!"  

 Washington now agrees with Israel that Assad's forces have used chemical weapons against the rebels. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel concurred by saying America's intelligence community has stated: "The Syrian regime has used chemical weapons on a small scale". But the White House was quick to clarify: "Intelligence assessments alone are not enough. Only credible and corroborated facts that will provide us with some degree of certainty will guide our decision making". IDF Brig. Gen. Itai Brun, the chief of the intelligence research unit has raised some eyebrows by stating categorically that the Syrian army had used chemical weapons on March 19th. This put U.S. President Barack Obama on the spot after his statement that this would cross America's red line, implying that he would take action against Assad. It transpired that Netanyahu was unaware that the officer was about to make such a public comment that bore such political implications. In any case, the Israeli leader has apparently set the record straight by sending Hanegbi to make it clear that he agrees with Obama's position of non-intervention in Syria.  

David Essing

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