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Dark Side of 'Arab Spring'

Killing Of Four American Diplomats In Libya Reveals Dark Side Of 'Arab Spring'

Radical & Violent Islam Replaces Overthrow Of Oppressive Dictatorships Instead Of Peace Loving Democracies As Envisaged By U.S.

Iran Is Clear Example Of An Islamist Regime Now Closing In On Nuclear Weapons To Further Its Imperial & Religious Aspirations

Ambassador Christopher Stevens

 The US did probably more than any other country to aid the Libyan people in toppling their cruel dictator Col. Gadaffi. How egregious that the young American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three of his body-guards were killed in the attack by Muslim fanatics on the US consulate in Benghazi. In Cairo, more Islamist fanatics stormed the US embassy tearing down the Stars and Stripes and raising a black Islamic flag. Analyst David Essing is of the view that the atrocity in Tripoli and the rampage in Cairo again illustrates how extreme Islamists may be hijacking the hope that democracy will replace dictatorship in several Muslim countries.

 Total jihad is the way...

Is fanatic and murderous Islam the legacy of the new order in Libya and other countries, after the ousting of their former tyrannical regimes? The answer is probably yes. Leading from behind, no state did more than America in aiding the Libyan people to overthrow Col. Gadaffi. In return, Muslim fanatics murdered US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his three body-guards. Leading from the front, President Barack Obama actually intervened in Egypt's domestic affairs by publicly calling for Hosni Mubarak to step down. Again, Muslim fanatics raided the American embassy where fortunately they were restrained by Egyptian security forces. In other Arab capitals more demonstrators protested at American embassies. Even in Tel Aviv, several Israeli Arabs demonstrated outside the U.S. embassy. And for what? Because of a vile film, produced probably by religious fanatics of another stripe.

It is the nature of radical Islamists to react violently to any perceived criticism or insult: be it a book by Islamist writer Salman Rushdie who faced a religious fatwa of 'kill on sight', the Danish cartoonist who sparked wide spread rioting with a caricature of a Muslim with a bomb in his head-dress or Dutch film producer Van Gough, who was gunned down and stabbed in the street for criticizing Islam. The radical Islamists of today do view jihad as total war against its critics, let alone enemies. The contention that jihad does not mean holy war but is simply a metaphor for striving to fulfill the humane ideals of Islam does not stand up to scrutiny.

Mohamed Morsi

In the wake of the Islamic outburst against America, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has said he will see to it that all embassies in Cairo will be safely protected. (On this score, the Israeli embassy was ransacked there and five Israeli security guards were nearly lynched by the rioters before Egyptian forces managed to quell the mob). It is till an open question where the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which has an extreme Islamist ideology, will take Egypt. After the fall of the pro-American Mubarak regime, Israel was ridiculed by many American pundits and politicians, for not welcoming with open arms Egypt's transition to 'democracy'.

US & Islam - end of naivety...

In reaction, Israeli expert Prof. Eyal Zisser notes that Washington welcomed the changes in Egypt and Libya viewing them as: "A step forward by the Arab world to democracy. The U.S. also wanted to build on its prestige by the West's solid support for the Arab revolutionaries. However now American expectations have been dashed on the realistic surface of the Middle East".

Iran where radical Islamists rule...

Then there's Iran - it is the prototype of what can happen when a radical Islamist force sweeps in to take power. Back in 1979, after the Carter administration did just about all it could to help topple the Shah, Ayatollah Khomeini and his legions were ready and waiting to take control. Have the State Department experts and presidential advisers learned nothing about the transition of power and lack of democratic practices in the Muslim world? With the exception of Turkey, in most Muslim countries when tyrants are kicked out religious fanatics march in. If starry-eyed decision-makers and journalists in America envisioned a Jeffersonian constitution they have awakened to religious zealots waving their Korans, with all that entails. Make no mistake, Ayatollah Khamenei, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian zealots in Tehran have the same radical Islamist mindset as do the rioters in Benghazi and Cairo. The only difference is they rule a country that may soon acquire nuclear weapons.

David Essing

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