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US-Israeli Cyber Warfare Against Iran

Top Iranian Adviser: 'Conditions In U.S. & Zionist Regime Rule Out War On Iran'

'Iran Would Inflict Proportionate Damage On Israel & Target Dimona Nuclear Reactor'

IsraCast Assessment: Statement From Top Adviser Of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Reflects Uncompromising Stand In Nuclear Talks. However Iran Now Be Facing More Cyber Attacks Similar To Flame & Stuxnet

 If Iran's Supreme leader Ali Khamenei thinks there is no threat of a military strike from the U.S. or Israel, what does that auger for the current crisis over Tehran's nuclear weapons project? Simply this - the ruler who calls the shots in Tehran, believes he is home free. But what of the economic sanctions? If such big league players such as China, Russia and India indicate they will continue to do business then Iran can ride out the diplomatic threats. Therefore, analyst David Essing is of the view the Iranians will continue to stall at the next round of nuclear talks in Moscow. However the Iranians may be in for some more startling cyber shocks in the near future, that could make Flame and Stuxnet look like child's play.

U.S & Israel are bluffing...

Dimona Reactor

'All options are on the table!' has been the mantra emanating from Washington and Jerusalem. This obviously implied the use of military force if Iran continues its nuclear weapons project. There can be no mistaking Iran's response to wit: 'They're bluffing!' This reasoned buff came from Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's top military adviser Gen. Yahya Rahim Safair who was obviously imitating his master's voice. His assessment was: 'The domestic, political and economic conditions in America and the Zionist regime are not such as to have a new war in the regime'. While true that Obama wants to get re-elected and this militated against his launching a military attack on Iran before the November election, the explanation that Netanyahu's cabinet was 'fragile' makes no sense after the Israeli leader has just expanded his parliamentary majority to 94 in the 120 member Knesset. If Israel dared attack, the entire state of Israel would be within rocket range including the nuclear reactor at Dimona. Hezbollah in southern Lebanon would also join in the war launching thousands of rockets against 'the Zionist regime'. The outcome - one million Jews would flee Israel in the first one or two weeks of the war. ( Just how many would want to remain if Tehran ever gets its hands on nuclear weapons? - or as Defense Minister Ehud Barak recently quipped: 'That scenario makes it tough to sleep at night'.)

However the fact remains that if the Iranian leadership truly believes there is no threat of a military strike and if the 'crippling sanctions' fail to paralyse Iran's nuclear weapon program, then 'Houston we have a problem!' Or do we? Enter Stuxnet and Flame, those ubiquitous infiltrators that have been playing havoc with Iran's nuclear computerization. In 2009, Stuxnet was detected screwing up Iranian centrefuges that spin out enriched uranium and now Flame has been the ultimate spy secretly gathering information apparently on Iran's nuclear programs. Unsurpringly, Iran swiftly pointed its angry finger at Israel and the U.S. while the New York Times disclosed that President Obama had instructed his computer spooks to step-up collaboration with the the IDF's high-tech whiz kids in unit 8200. The conjecture is that this has produced a major cyber offensive against Iran ... computer experts marvel at its sophistication and effectiveness. Stuxnet was a warrior bashing centrefuges whereas Flame, and as is far is known, has been simply spying since 2007. But during that time, a mysterious explosion devasted Iran's top missile research facility killing Iran's top expert and a number of Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated. In any case, Iranian intelligence officials must be asking if the (Israelis - Americans) had this capability to penetrate their 'holy of holies' five years ago, what do they have today?

Cyber coincidences...

Case in point: On April 13th, North Korea heraled its new leader Kim Yong-un with the launching of its Unha-3 rocket that was to show-case the orbiting of a satellite in space. (South Korea charged it was actually a ballistic missile test). But to the shagrin of the young leader, the rocket luanch ended in abject failure when it blew up after take-off. The Iranian-developed third stage of the rocket reportedly exploded.

Top five: Two days before Flame made headlines, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made these remarks in a public speech that did not catch much attention:

'The cyber capability that we are developing enhances Israel's defensive capability. We are investing huge capital, both human resources and money, and I expect these investments will increase. I have established a national cyber headquarters and set its goal - that Israel will be among the top five powers in this field and I believe we will preserve this goal'.

David Essing

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