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Iron Dome Game-Changer in New Gaza Conflagration

Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System Proving To Be Remarkable Success In Intercepting Incoming Rockets From Gaza

Brig.Gen Danny Gold:'Iron Dome Has Given Israel The Only System In the World Capable Of Intercepting Flat Trajectory Rockets!'

IsraCast Assessment: Iranian Proxies In Gaza Sparking Latest Confrontation - IDF Counter-strikes Have Taken Heavy Toll Of Terrorists While Iron Dome Is Neutralizing Missile Threat

Iron Dome battery (photo: IDF)

 It is the most serious flare-up since Israel's Cast Lead Operation into Gaza over three years ago. Rockets are flying from Gaza and Israeli aircraft are pounding the Palestinian rocket squads. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli officials have declared they're fed up with the terrorists launching rocket attacks whenever they feel like it and driving one million Israeli civilains racing for their bomb shelters. Analyst David Essing is of the opinion that the remarkable success of the IDF's Iron Dome Missile defense has proven to be a game changer in the confrontation.

How it works... The all-Israeli Iron Dome system was developed and went operational in less than three years. Its mission - to intercept rockets launched at Israeli population centers. Over ten thousand of those rockets have been fired at Israel in a type of rocketing terrorism. Most of the those rockets were home-made Qassams cobbled together at very low cost in work-shops inside Gaza. This of course meant they were erratic with their trajectory very difficult to predict. Paradoxically this made it more difficult to devise a defensive missile defense system than for standardized rockets with predictable trajectory. In the current confrontation, Iron Dome has performed remarkably by immediately identifying which incoming rockets are headed for Israeli populated areas and only then does it fire a missile fired to race into the sky to destroy it in the air before it lands. It can even pinpoint the street the Palestinian rocket is headed for. However Iron Dome ignores those Palestinian rockets that are off-target which are allowed to fall and explode harmlessly in open areas.

First in the world... 'Iron Dome has given Israel the first and only operational capability in the world to intercept flat trajectory rockets.' That's the assessment of IDF (res.) Brig Gen. Danny Gold, the head of the Defense Ministry's R&D unit that supervised its development. Interviewed in the daily Yisrael Hayom, Dr. Gold said that in addition to saving Israeli lives it also gives Israel's political and military echelon room for maneuver in time of crisis and escalation. It enables Israel to carry out offensive operations while protecting Israeli civilians from the deliberate Palestinian rocketing of population centers. Gold also disclosed that most Israeli military and technological inside and outside of the Defense Ministry said:'It couldn't be done!'. Subsequently, they opposed allocating budgets for the development of Iron Dome. However to the amazement of experts in Israel and abroad, Iron Dome was developed for only 10% of the customary cost for such a weapons system. ( When the current fighting dies down look for military attaches from the U.S. and Israel's other allies to make a beeline to the IDF to learn all they can about Iron Dome.DE) To his credit, U.S. President Barack Obama granted American funding for Iron Dome's production.

David Essing

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