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Appeal For Renewal Of Israeli-Turkish Alliance

Adnan Oktar: 'Revival Of Turkish-Israeli Alliance Will Promote Peace In Middle East'

'Building Of New Missile Defense System On Turkish Soil Will Help Defend Israel From Iranian Nuclear Attack'

'Official Israeli Apology For Killing Of Turks In Mavi Marmara Incident Would Eliminate Turkish Sense Of Humiliation'

Adnan Oktar (photo: Harun Yahya International)

 Adnan Oktar, a prominent Muslim theologian and philosopher in Turkey, has issued a dramatic appeal for the renewal of Turkish Israeli alliance. In an IsraCast interview, that was carried live on Turkish TV, Oktar said it was in the interest of Middle East peace that the two democracies resolve their differences. Oktar rejected any idea the Turkish people have turned against Israel. On the contrary, most Turks viewed the Jews as the descendants of the prophet Abraham and the founding of Israel as evidence of divine prophecy. Speaking in his unofficial capacity, Oktar was of the opinion that Prime Minister Erdogan would agree that the new anti-missile defence system in Turkey be used to intercept any Iranian nuclear attack on Israel.

 Turkey and Israel, the two sister democracies in the Middle East, should both support the spread of democracy in the region. If there is no democracy there will be no peace; moreover there is an urgent need for democracy through the entire world. There is no doubt the revival of the alliance and cooperation between Turkey and Israel will help bring peace to the Middle East. In Egypt, it is possible that a party under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood will form the next government and it adopt an anti- Israel approach. But religious Muslims, Jews and Christians believed that the approaching advent of the Messiah would end war and bloodshed. As for the international community, and primarily the U.S., it was important to encourage the new governments in the Arab world to remain democratic. Turkey would never allow any attempt to destroy Israel and this was the position of Prime Minister Erdogan. As for the Turkish people, they liked and respected Israel. In Turkey, the Jewish people live in freedom and enjoy respect. But more importantly, the Turkish government would agree that the US/NATO ABM missile shield, under construction on its territory, would also defend Israel from an Iranian nuclear attack. From the Turkish perspective, the biggest obstacle to restoring relations was the killing of nine Turks on the Mavi Marmara, the Turkish vessel that tried to break Israel's naval blockade of Gaza. An official Israel apology would eliminate the humiliation felt by the Turkish people.

David Essing

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