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Nobel Prizes, Mosque Burning & Rudy Giuliani

Nobel Prizes To Four Jewish Scientists Again Illustrates Contribution Of Jewish People To World Civilization

Israel Police Arrest Israeli Suspected Of Torching Mosque In Galilee Village Amid Wall to Wall Condemnation Of Attack By All Of Israel's Political Spectrum

Rudy Guiliani: 'America's Grass Roots Support For Israel Is Greater Than Ever - I'll Decide Whether To Seek Republican Presidential Nomination In Another Month or Two'

Rudy Giuliani | Dan Shcechtman

 Israel's New Jewish Year kicked off amid jubilation over an Israeli scientist winning another Nobel Prize. But there was a dark down side; the country was shocked by the torching of a mosque in an Arab village in Galilee. And interviewed in Geneva by an Israeli newspaper former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani disclosed that he would decide, within a month or two, whether to again seek the Republican presidential nomination. Giuliani criticized U.S. Barack Obama's favoring the Palestinian Authority over Israel, noting that grass roots support for Israel is greater than ever.

 There is nothing new about Nobel Prizes being awarded to Jewish scientists, but this year has set a record! Five of the eight honors have gone to Jews, one of them an Israeli.

Dan Shechtman (photo: Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Dan Shechtman of the Technion in Haifa. Israel has now been awarded ten Nobel Prizes, more than any other comparable nation at the UN and more than all the combined countries in the Middle East including Turkey and Iran. And in spite of this unparalleled contribution to humankind, there are are those who would deny the right of the Jewish people to take their rightful place among the nations. They try to deligitimize the Jewish homeland that dates back over three thousand years. That is not to say that a people's contribution to humankind, however unique it may be, is of itself, a requirement for national self-determination, but surely it should stand for something in the nature of things. And indeed the late Ralph M. Steinman is today the pride of Canada, as is Jules A. Hoffman in Belgium and America is justly proud of Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess. In the same manner, Jews around the world and here in Israel applaud the achievements of these outstanding Jewish scientists. Israel is hoping to win its first Gold medal at the London Olympics but it can take consolation in a record, second to none, in Stockholm.

It is all the more remarkable, bearing in mind, that Israel with a population of seven million has to devote so much of its brainpower and resources to maintaining a first class military to cope with the extraordinary threats to its existence. Due to this vital necessity, a great deal of the country's R&D is devoted to weapons development et-cetera. Moreover, each year many high school graduates with excellent scientific and technical skills, volunteer for pilot training and extended service in the Israel Defense Forces. If the Jewish state were able to devote many of its most gifted scientific minds and its huge defense budget to civilian purposes, the sky would truly be the limit. As it is the Jewish state has proved to be a scientific and technological superpower.

The torching of a mosque in the Arab village of in Galilee, sent shock waves through Israel. President Shimon Peres visited the site within twenty-four hours and there was wall to wall condemnation. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ordered the Shabak Security Service and the Israel Police to pull out all the stops in apprehending the perpetrators, who were assumed to be Jewish. The finger of suspicion pointed immediately at the notorious 'Price Tag' Jewish vigilantes in Judea & Samaria, who avenge Palestinian terror attacks by targeting Palestinians and their property. Prior to the mosque a young Israeli father and his infant son had been killed when their car was stoned by Palestinians on the West Bank. Those attackers have now been arrested. On the other hand, Israeli Police have now disclosed that they had detained an eighteen year settler under suspicious circumstances on the night of the mosque burning. However, the suspect's lawyer has told the media there is not a scrape of evidence linking his client to the arson.

The torching of the mosque touched an open nerve in Jewish history: November 9th, 1938 in Germany- 'Kristallnacht', when Nazi thugs burned two hundred and sixty-seven synagogues and attacked German Jews. Alas, Israel also has her fascist thugs who attack innocent Palestinians. And taking a page from the German-Jewish poet Heinrich Heine about 'those who burn books', it may be added that those who stoop to burning a mosque will not stop at killing Arabs. The difference is the overwhelming majority of Israelis and the entire law enforcement agencies of the state have been brought to bear on the vile 'Price - Tag' movement. On this there is, for a change, a wall-to-wall consensus with no ifs, ands or buts. This includes the residents of Judea & Samaria, who also realize that the 'Price-Tag' terrorists, and there is no more fitting name, also alienate Israeli public opinion against the settlers.

Run, Rudy, Run!?

Rudy Giuliani

Will Rudy Giulianai, the Mayor of New York, who steered his city through the inferno of 9/11, run for the Republican Presidential nomination this year? A recent poll indicated that Giuliani would defeat Barack Obama by 49% to 42%, although he has yet to announce that he is running. Interviewed by the Israeli daily Yisrael Hayom, Giuliani was non-commital:

'A presidential campaign is a little more complicated than a public opinion poll. Before running against an incumbent president, you must be selected as candidate. It makes no sense to simply declare you're running. I must decide if I have a reasonable chance to be elected the Republican nominee, otherwise it's a waste of time. I am devoting a lot of time thinking about it. Right now, there is pressure on me to declare but an election campaign develops as it goes along. I will make my decision within a month or two'.

On the Israeli-Palestinian confrontation

'The Palestinian approach to the UN for state recognition was the outcome of Obama's policy toward Israel and the Palestinians. It would not have happened without the encouragement of the administration's adopting a moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. There are those who say that Obama even prefers it to Israel. I believe that he relates to each side equally and that's bad from many aspects. The President should ask: Why should we create a Palestinian state if it will clearly become a shelter for terrorists? There is Iran that supports terror, and Syria that supports terror so why do we need another state that will support terror?'

'A Palestinian state should arise solely from direct negotiations and only after we are convinced that they have given up on terror. Then I will also support the founding of a Palestinian state, but until then I will oppose it. It is not in Israel's interest or America's interest. Really, the U.S. is the biggest sucker in the Palestinian case: since President Clinton, American administrations have contributed four billion dollars to the Palestinian Authority - and Arafat, who was a scoundrel, stole the money for himself. I'm not convinced that corruption has ended there. We have not asked enough of the Palestinians and that's why we've reached where we are'.

Giuliani believes that at this time: 'Even if we are also worried about the political leadership of the U.S. Israel is still America's closest friend. That's my opinion and of most Americans. Don't concentrate solely on what the Obama asministration says; listen to what to what others are saying. Look at the recent election in Brooklyn, where since 1920, a Democratic candidate has always been elected to Congress time after time. But now for the first time a Republican was elected. The people in that constituency sent a message to President Obama that he has gone too far against Israel and upset the balance with her. That he has not followed the course the American people think he should when it comes to a strong and stable friend like Israel. The American people's support for Israel is greater and stronger today than it ever was. I travel the length and breadth of America and I know what Americans are think and feel. Most of them think like me'.

'I have also learned something on this from President Ronald Reagan. He said you have only a few true friends in life and that also applies to relations among states. Israel is really one of our best friends and has aided us whenever we asked and so we must be there for you'.

David Essing

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