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Israel and Nuclear Weapons Threats - Operation Opera

On the anniversary of Israel's air strike that destroyed Saddam Husein's nuclear reactor near Baghdad on June 7th, 1981 and against the background of former Mossad Chief Meir Dagen's warning that Israel should not attack Iran's nuclear weapons sites today, IsraCast presents a report broadcast shortly after the Israeli preventative attack on Iraq.

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Many of the considerations discussed in our historic report are applicable today. Listeners are advised to simply substitute Iran for Iraq, Mahmoud Ahmadenijad for Saddam Hussein, Barack Obama for Ronald Reagan and last but not least, Binyamin Netanyahu for Menahem Begin. And the questions remain: what if Saddam Husein had been allowed to acquire nuclear weapons then and what would be the situation if his modern day counterpart does decide to 'break out' and dash for the bomb? Or if Israel, as reported by foreign sources, had not bombed the secret nuclear reactor of Syrian tyrant Basher Assad who is now conducting a massacre of his own people. Moreover, would the U.S. and its NATO allies be bombing in Libya today if Col. Gadaffi had not been halted in his tracks? Listen to original background report on Israel Air Force strike against Iraq's nuclear reactor on June 7th, 1981. It was recorded and edited by Avi Yaffe in his Jerusalem broadcast studio.


David Essing

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