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IDF paratrooper returns to Kotel to 'update' iconic photo

Jehuda Hartman was 22 on June 7, 1967 when he stood in awe at the liberated Western Wall; 44 years later, he recreates the shot.

It is among Israel’s most unforgettable images: a lone Israeli soldier, standing in awe at the base of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, moments after its liberation on June 7, 1967.

Forty-four years later, that soldier, Jehuda Hartman, is now 66 years-old. He allowed Inside Israel to recreate that historic photograph taken by Micha Bar Am, and talked about his first, fateful encounter with the Wall, known in Hebrew as the Kotel, which was the stuff of legends when he grew up in the divided city.

Read the full story (By Mordechai Twersky)

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