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Osama Bin Laden and Palestinians

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya:'I Absolutely Condemn Killing Of Freedom Fighter Osama Bin Laden!'

West Bank Prime Minister Salam Fayyad:'Killing Of Osama Bin Laden Will Further World Peace'

IsraCast Assessment: Contradictory Palestinian Reactions Reveal Duplicity Of New Palestinian Leadership That Is Part Terrorist & Part Political

Osama Bin Laden (Source: Hamid Mir)

 Will the new Palestinian leadership stand up? Is it West Bank President Mahmoud Abbas, who condemns terrorism or Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, who conducts it? Their differing reactions to the U.S. 'targeted operation' that killed Al Qaida chief Osama Bin Laden illustrates the duplicitous attempt to combine the West Bank and Gaza leaderships without Hamas giving up its declared goal of killing Jews and restoring the land 'from the sea to the river' - in other words wiping Israel off the map. Analyst David Essing discusses some of the ramifications of the U.S. Navy Seals' targeted killing of OBL.

 No other country could rejoice as could Israel in America's killing of the world's number one terrorist Osama Bin Laden, leader of Al Qaida. It was a devastating blow to Islamist terrorism that has murdered and maimed thousands of Israeli children, women and men by Hamas and Hezbullah, al Qaida's cohorts. In an eulogy for UBL, Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniya declared: 'We absolutely condemn the assassination of the Arab freedom fighter Osama Bin Laden. The U.S. continues its attack on Arabs and Muslims by murder and bloodshed'. But on the West Bank, senior officials of the Palestinian Authority, obviously embarrassed by the Hamas condemnation of the U.S., called it a 'terrible mistake that would not gain points for the international acceptance for the latest reconciliation agreement with President Abbas'. Obviously they felt that Haniya should have echoed the remarks of West Bank Prime Minister Salam Fayyad who said:'The killing of Osama Bin Ladin will further World Peace'. However, how could Haniya the leader of terrorists, who targeted an Israeli school bus with an anti-tank rocket not have deplored the killing of a revered Muslim soul mate? Surely, Haniya and Hamas have not abandoned terrorism against Israel if they grieve over the 'murder' of UBL but are simply exploiting Mahmoud Abbas as their front man.

Hamas Leader, Ismail Haniyeh

Israel rejoiced and Hamas officially mourned as did radical Islamists not only in the Middle East but also around the world. For them, OBL was the charismatic embodiment of world-wide Jihad, a modern day Saladin who had finally dealt a glorious blow to the infidels on 9/11. The rejoicing in America and around the Western world today, recalls a similar wave that swept through much of the Islamic world after the destruction of the Twin Towers. Moreover, OBL had enthralled and energized many young Muslims to join the cause of martyrdom. So make no mistake - Al Qaida will strike back, it is only a matter of time before it will attempt a terror attack to prove that although it has been wounded, UBL's message lives on. Prof. Eyal Zisser, a prominent Israeli expert summed up: 'Tomorrow the Arab street will awaken to a new day, faced with its old and well known problems, to carry on with its agenda after UBL. The man has been eliminated, but the idea of murderous Jihad against the West and America will continue, and with it the broad network of murderous terror organizations that draw their inspiration from the man and his world outlook'.

Targeted Operation vs. Targeted Elimination: President Obama described the killing of OBL as a 'targeted operation'. Israel actually initiated this tactic against Hamas terror leaders who sent suicide bombers to blow up Israeli buses or shopping malls. In Israeli jargon, it was termed a 'targeted elimination' a specific operation to kill the terrorist, while striving not to harm his relatives or innocent Palestinian bystanders. It was precisely the same as the OBL raid but before 9/11 Israel was severely criticized, even by the U.S. for violating international law. At the time, when asked about the U.S. position, Secretary of State William Powell once explained: 'The Israelis should follow due process and bring the suspects to trial'. How times have changed. Islamic terrorists started with Israel and made the entire world their battlefield where they deliberately sought out civilian victims. Conventional international law, as was demonstrated by the U.S. and its allies in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan has long been out of date when confronting such an enemy which recognizes no limits.

So, Israel feels vindicated by the U.S. having to adopt a similar tactic against OBL. But generally speaking, Israel cannot act as does the U.S. and other democracies on other levels. For example, in using unlimited air power against suspected targets such as was the case when the U.S. military bombed an apartment building in Baghdad to its foundations, when Saddam Hussein was suspected of hiding there. (It was later explained that occupants could not be evacuated because that would have enabled the Iraqi tyrant to escape. Nor were the total number of fatalities revealed). In Afghanistan, there are almost monthly or weekly incidents involving civilians being killed inadvertently. But in Israel's case, when it tried to halt eight years of Hamas rocketing by sending the IDF into Gaza, there was an international hue and cry followed by the trumped-up Goldstone report albeit eventually repudiated by its author, Judge Richard Goldstone. In any case, Hamas 'political' leaders are not on Israel's wanted list although Hezbullah Chief Sheik Hassan Nasrallah apparently is. Nasrallah has been hiding in his bunker since he launched the Second Lebanon War against Israel in 2006. However, if Hamas again starts rocketing Israeli civilians from Gaza, Israel might consider targeting the Hamas political leaders who have behaved as terrorists dressed in suits.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders have heaped praise on the U.S. operation as an example of how to track down and deal with Islamic terrorists. After his shaky conduct of the crises in Egypt, Libya and the Middle East in general, Obama is now being viewed as a more resolute world leader, not a 'dead or alive' George Bush but as an American president who has improved his image. This could also be the case for some Arab leaders particularly in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. Today the prevalent adage voiced in Jerusalem is 'a strong America is good for Israel'.

As for OBL being buried at sea, it recalls Israel's decision to disperse at sea the ashes of Adolph Eichmann, the Nazi war criminal, in order that there be no place of remembrance for his remains.

David Essing

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