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Wake Up Call to Netanyahu

Former Israeli Senior Security & Public Officials: 'Prime Minister Netanyahu Must Launch Serious Diplomatic Initiative Before UN Recognition Of Palestine In September'

Former Shabak Security Chief Yaacov Perri: 'Our Proposal Calls For Peace Agreements Based On 1967 Lines Including Partition Of Jerusalem'

IsraCast Assessment: Peace Plan Reflects Mounting Concern Across Party Lines With Government's Failure To Respond To Palestinian Campaign In International Arena

Binyamin Netanyahu (Photo: Amit Shabi)

 In September, West Bank President Mahmoud Abbas plans to call on the UN General Assembly to officially recognize the state of Palestine. Since the Netanyahu government took office two years ago, Abbas has succeeded in gaining the votes of 150 nations that will support a vote for Palestine independence Analyst David Essing says the step would bypass direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, internationalize the conflict and could open the door to an imposed agreement and Israel's international isolation. The peace proposal supported by former IDF Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak and former Shabak Security Director Yaacov Perri is a wake-up call to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Yaacov Perri (photo:www.alondon.net)

 In dismay at the Israeli government's failure to react to the successful diplomatic campaign being waged by the Palestinian Authority, fifty former senior Israeli security and public officials have presented a peace proposal they say should be adopted by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. They said they were deeply worried by what lies ahead for Israel, if the the government did not adopt a viable peace policy. In their view, Netanyahu has done nothing but hint at a 'second Bar Ilan speech' when he expressed his support for a two two solution. The 'worried Israelis' have warned that the Israeli economy may be doing well, personal security is good but Israel is on board a diplomatic 'Titanic' heading for disaster, if Prime Minister Netanyahu does not wake up!' But the only senior cabinet member really worried is Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who has warned of a diplomatic tsunami in September. In a recent interview, Barak revealed that he privately advised the Prime Minister to launch a peace initiative. However, Netanyahu later scoffed at this as 'invention by the media'. The announcement that more housing units have been approved for the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo indicated the Prime Minister did not appear to be all that concerned.

In presenting the private peace proposal, Yaacov Perri said the Arab world is 'on the boil' while Israel did nothing and was perceived as a 'peace rejectionist'. He urged the government to take action: 'We are calling on Prime Minister Netanyahu to launch a peace initiative based on the Arab League peace plan of March 2002'. That was not to say that Israel would accept all the Arab demands - there would be room for compromise and the Arab League's support could help the Palestinian leadership in persuading the Palestinian people to accept some unpalatable terms. On this score, Perri believed there was a Palestinian partner and Israel was strong enough to take risks for peace. The proposal calls for a return to the lines of 1967 with land swaps, Jerusalem would be partitioned, serving as both Israeli and Palestinian capitals. Interviewed On Channel 23, Perri was queried about a majority of Israelis supporting the Right wing as evidenced in the last election. Perri replied: 'It will not be a piece of cake but a majority of Israelis want peace and even Netanyahu has supported the two state solution'. However Perri concurred that a sweeping peace plan could lead to a breakup of the Likud coalition but Kadima and Labor would be ready to support Netanyahu, if he took the leap with a real peace plan.

David Essing

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