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Ahmadinejad vs. Obama

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

 At the UN General Assembly, U.S. President Barack Obama again appealed to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to walk through the 'door of diplomacy' to resolve the crisis over Iran's nuclear weapons project. Ahmadinejad was swift to respond; he charged that the U.S. government was responsible for the 9/11 terror atrocities. The two speeches were revealing - they exposed not only the sharp divergences in how the two leaders conduct their statecraft but also revealed totally different mindsets. IsraCast analyst David Essing is of the view that Ahmadinejad and the Iran regime will reject Obama's 'door of diplomacy'- they've already walked through the door of radical Islam. 

 As is his practice, U.S. President Barack Obama first tried sound argumentation - just imagine what Iran could gain by backing off its nuclear weapons program. Iran could reap an immense economic and political windfall all President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had to was walk through the diplomatic door. Otherwise, Iran would face another round of sanctions that would punish the Iranian people. Obama was talking common sense to a fanatical Islamist leader, the figurehead of a regime of Ayatolas who make no bones about their mission of achieving hegemony not only over the Arab countries of the Middle East, but over the entire Islamic world. Obama tried to get Ahmadinejad on the same page of peace and coexistence when the Iranian leader is reading from the book of Jihad. From his ivory tower, all the brilliant Harvard law graduate had to do was explain to the Iranian regime why their nuclear weapons program was not in Iran's national interest. Obama soon got his answer-it was like a conventional boxer, abiding by Queensbury rules, squaring off with a cage fighter (then again even cage fighters are barred from hitting below the belt).

Speaking just a short distance from Ground Zero, where Islamist terrorists murdered 3,000 people, mostly Americans, Ahmadinejad charged that the U.S. government had perpetrated the atrocity in order to help out Israel. Moreover, Ahmadinejad proposed that a UN inquiry, that tried and trusted Rottweiller, be appointed to investigate U.S. involvement. What can be said about Ahmadinejad's latest raving at the UN? It recalls the ranting of another tyrant over seven decades ago in Nazi Germany. Then as now, some will play-down the message. Then it was about exterminating the Jews, today it's about wiping the state of the Jews off the map! The fact the Iranian leader dared fabricate such an ignominy indicates the aggressive atmosphere that permeates the ruling circles in Tehran today. Undoubtedly, Ahmadinejad would not have made the allegation without the approval of Iran's Supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Barack Obama

Obviously startled, Obama called the allegations 'offensive' and 'hateful', but he was not taken aback. The U.S. President says his offer to Iran 'is still out there and is still waiting for a response'. And now surprise, surprise! Stop the presses! As usual, shortly before the P+1 forum is to meet again on fresh sanctions, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator has now told the world: 'Iran has prepared an updated nuclear proposal and is ready to resume negotiations with the world powers'. 

Meanwhile, Iran's centrifuges keep spinning out enriched uranium, and even Obama's own CIA now estimates that Iran may be within one year to producing its first nuclear weapon. This is what sends shivers down the spines not only of Israeli leaders but also of the Arab rulers in the Gulf. Although Iran may enter the nuclear home stretch in 2011, it continues to conduct subversive activities in different Middle East countries. The latest target was Bahrain, its tiny island neighbor in the Gulf. Bahrain's security forces have arrested 23 men on charges of terrorism and plotting to overthrow the king. The suspects were said to have been linked to 'outside forces' that is Iran. Seventy percent of Bahrain's population of 729,000 are Shi'ite Muslims but Sunni Muslims, from the king on down, run the country. For its part, Tehran claims sovreignity.

David Essing

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