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Israel's 'Final Countdown' For Iran?

Times of London: 'Saudi Arabia Has Agreed To Allow Israeli Aircraft To Fly Over Her Airspace In Event Of Israeli Air Strike On Iran's Nuclear Weapons Facilities'

'U.S. State Department Approved The Deal'

IsraCast Assessment: If report is reliable, it would indicate that Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have collaborated on a possible Israeli air strike on Iran, if all else fails. If true, this would be a major shift in U.S. President Barack Obama's approach.

 The London Times has reported a dramatic new development after Iran rejected the latest UN Security Council sanctions and indicated she has no intention of halting her nuclear weapons program. According to the report, Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow Israel to use a narrow corridor of her airspace in the north to shorten the distance for a bombing raid on Iran's nuclear facilities. The Saudis had even tested a 'stand-down' of their air defenses that would allow Israeli aircraft to fly through unscathed. The U.S. was said to have approved the arrangement. Analyst David Essing cautions that the U.S. involvement has yet to be confirmed - this is his assessment on the basis of available information.

 Far from the media frenzy over propaganda flotillas trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the Sunni Arab states and Israel share a common specter - a nuclear armed Iran bent on destroying not only the Jewish state, but also overthrowing the Sunni regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf states. Now that Iran has thrown caution to the winds by refusing to halt her nuclear weapons program after the latest UN sanctions, a last resort scenario is being unveiled. If things continue as they are today, an air corridor is being opened for an Israeli air attack. The engines of the aircraft are not being revved on the runways yet, but the Times report must have triggered a lot of excitement in Tehran this morning. It's as if the U.S. is close to giving Israel the green light and the Saudis are on board.

For years, the Iranians have been conning their way around vapid international sanctions and diplomatic drivel, as they proceeded blithely along to 'the bomb' and the rockets to deliver them on target, even to the America's Atlantic seaboard by 2015. If the Times report is reliable, Iran is being given a last chance. As for the time frame, nobody really knows just how close the Iranians are to triggering a mushroom cloud. But keep in mind that any attempt to knock out the Iranian nuclear sites must be taken well before that, in order to prevent radiation leaks to civilian population in Iran. One question left unanswered is if President Obama has indeed approved the Israeli-Saudi tacit understanding, will the U.S. participate militarily in the operation to defang Iran of her nuclear weapons?


What sort of civilian inquiry will the Israeli government appoint to investigate the naval commando raid on the Turkish vessel Marmara? Not only the international community, but more importantly the U.S., have demanded such an investigation. So, obviously the Jewish state has no alternative. Moreover, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and Cabinet Minister Binyamin Ben Eliezer have contended that Israel has nothing to hide and an impartial, international participant could also refute the allegations now being leveled at Israel.The Israeli perception is the naval commandos expected that all the six hundred passengers on the Marmara were genuine peace activists. In reality, they were confronted with a horde of Muslim fanatics screaming 'Allah achbar, Allah is great'. If blood had not been split on both sides it might have been even humorous- the vaunted naval commandos, vastly outnumbered, landed on the ship's deck, firing harmless paint-balls. Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has been holding intensive consultations with the Obama administration on a formula for the inquiry. According to government sources, it will be chaired by a retired Israeli Supreme Court Judge.

Peace activist on the 'Marmara'

Although the details have not been announced one thing is clear - none of the naval commandos will be interrogated for the sake of placating the international tsunami of condemnation. As the Israelis see it, the nine 'peace activists' were killed by the soldiers who had to fight for their lives, while on the other five vessels, and subsequently on the Rachel Corrie none of the peaceful passengers were injured.

The international clamor to censure the Jewish state has baffled the the vast majority of Israelis. For example: Why can the Americans and their NATO allies (Britain, Canada etc.) kill hundreds and thousands of civilians half a world away from their borders in Afghanistan and Iraq, but never face such shrill demands for investigations and tribunals.

Obviously, when you are a major world player with many allies - as are the U.S., Britain, Russia or China- you can more or less get away with anything, unless you tread on the toes of another power. That is the all powerful rule in international relations. And when it comes to the U.S.- Israeli relationship, Jerusalem nearly always complies with the senior partner's dictum of 'Do as I say, not as I do!' This is the price that Israel must pay for the 'special relationship'. When it comes to Israel and the Muslims, the international scales tilt 57-1 at the UN and its perfidious Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The UN's blanket condemnation of Israel by the Goldstone Report is proof positive after the IDF's 'Cast Lead' operation in 2008 to quell eight years of rocketing from Gaza. Jerusalem is determined not to go that route. What is driving this new steam roller of Israel bashing? Granted the Moslem states and burgeoning Moslem communities in Europe augment the tirade of slander and disinformation being heaped upon the Jewish state. Yet the vilification emanates from other quarters as well. Even Reuters, the prestigious news organization, has sullied its reputation by allegedly removing from photos, several knives in the hands of 'peace activists' surrounding a wounded IDF soldier on board the Marmara.

The eminent French Jewish philosopher Bernard Henri Levi is definitely concerned over what he perceives as an accelerated delegitimization of the Jewish state world wide. In an interview with Haaretz newspaper, Levi said: 'This process began with the war in Lebanon and the demonizing of of Israel and the turning upside down of the roles of 'hangman and victim'. He was worried about how criticism of Israel had become the fast lane for those wishing to express anti - Semitic views. And he added:'Hatred of Israel has become the only way to express hatred of Jews. It has now become impossible to express hatred of Jews because they killed Jesus. Even the topic of Jews and money has become passe, it can no longer sweep the masses. However a Jew as a member of a criminal state that does work'. Moreover the 'dirty Jew' gets replaced by the 'dirty Jewish soldier' . And Jews who identify with Israel must pay the price for his Jewishness. 'Anti- Semitism is as old a story as the world'.

Levi also talks about a torrent of disinformation about Israel waiting for the opportunity to burst forth. He found the evidence in French newspapers in his native France. Liberation wrote of ' An Absolute And Merciless Israeli Siege of Gaza!' Le Monde's headline was 'Gaza Humanity Being Held Hostage!' This although 100 to 125 trucks packed with food, medicine and humanitarian aid drive through Israeli land crossing into Gaza every day. Although the 'Freedom Flotilla' was patently designed to draw Israel into a propaganda trap. Liberation also branded Israel a 'pirate state' robbing her of legitimacy, although Israel had promised to send the cargoes on to Gaza, after they were checked for rockets in the Israeli port of Ashdod. However, not a word of criticism for Hamas which has preferred to let the cargoes rot in Ashdod by refusing to let Israel transfer them to Gaza. Obviously this speaks volumes about how the children in Gaza are 'starving' for food. And let's not forget, it was the same Hamas that exploited Palestinian children as human shields for guerrillas during the IDF operation.

Another source of ludicrous disinformation was the speech of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who immediately imprisons anyone who dares to mention publicly the Turkish genocide of the Armenians, but had the audacity to accuse Israel of state terrorism when he addressed thousands of Turks chanting anti- Semitic slogans. In addition, there is the radical Muslim Turkish organization IHH that supports the Jihadist movement and organized the flotilla. Levi noted that several days before the clash at sea, some of its members on board the Marmara declared their willingness to become 'shahid' martyrs. In his view, Israel rejected the demand of international inquiry UN Human Rights Council because of the precedent set by the Goldstone Report and where 'great democrats such as the Iranians, Pakistanis and Cuban call the shots. Clearly, the object would again be to put Israel in the dock.'

David Essing

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