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Iran - Atomic Bomb Or Revolution?

Defense Minister Barak: 'In Ran, Current Rioting Has Not Yet Reached Breaking Point With Regime But It Has Potential For Escalating Swiftly'

'Secret Nuclear Weapons Facility Near Qom Is Immune To Normal Bombing'

'Painful Failing Of Free World To Show Sufficient Support For Iranian Dissidents Against Regime'

Ehud Barak (Photo: Amit Shabi)

 Israel's Defense Minister Ehud Barak has criticized the Free World for not lending sufficient support for Iranian dissidents in their confrontation with their country's dictatorial regime. In a closed door briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, Barak assessed current developments against the Iranian government's drive to acquire nuclear weapons and Analyst David Essing says these issues are intertwined from Israel's perspective. The Defense Minister also sized up other threats to the Jewish state such as failing to reach an agreement on separation from the West Bank Palestinians.

 Iranian Developments: When assessing Iran, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak appeared to be preoccupied now with this crucial question - what will come first in Iran, nuclear weapons, possibly to wipe Israel off the map, or a revolution to topple the fanatical Islamist regime? He dealt in detail with these two aspects that are intertwined from Israel's perspective. Behind closed doors, Barak was of the view that the deadly confrontation between the fanatical Islamist regime that is shooting demonstrators in the streets of Tehran and other cities has not reached a breaking point. However, it does have the potential of escalating swiftly. On this score, Barak accused the Free World of a 'painful failure' in not showing sufficient support for the demonstrators who should feel they are not alone and enjoy international backing for their struggle. Obviously, Israel has an immense interest in seeing the fall of the current hostile regime and the founding of a democratic government which hopefully would jettison any ambition of annihilating Israel and developing nuclear weapons to do so.

Iranian Missiles

As for the Iranian nuclear program, Barak repeated the Israeli intelligence assessment that Iran will acquire nuclear weapons 'threshold' status early in 2010. The decision to break out into production of nuclear weapons will then be theirs alone. He explained that Iran now has the know-how and 1,800 kilos of low grade enriched uranium, which they can ramp- up to 90% weapons grade, enough for one atomic bomb. He noted that foreign sources have also disclosed that the Iranians have been trying to get their hands on other components for the bomb. Barak disclosed that the secret Iranian nuclear installation near Qom was built in underground bunkers and was 'immune' from conventional bombing. The Defense Minister said it was designed for uranium enrichment and certainly not necessary for peaceful purposes. (Otherwise, why would the Iranians have tried to keep it secret until it was uncovered by foreign intelligence services and disclosed by President Obama last September).

Palestinians: The Labor Party leader declared it was vital to find a solution to the current stalemate, renew negotiations and proceed to a two-state solution. In fact, Barak predicted that a formula would be found to break the ice within the near future. If not, the lack of progress could trigger another round of violence adding that this was 'Hamas turf' and something that could deteriorate into the similar situations that formerly ravaged Northern Ireland and Bosnia. Israel was strong today and had restored its deterrent posture which enabled her to advance on the two - state track. But Barak warned that it should also be clear that Israel could not control indefinitely the one million Palestinians living from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. The lack of an agreement and separation would lead to two unacceptable possibilities: first, if the Jews and Palestinians were to live together in one state it would spell the de facto demise of the Jewish state. On the other hand, if Israel continued to control the Palestinians she would become a non- democratic state, what Barak called 'a type of apartheid state'.

Referring to Israel's ten-month housing freeze of settlement building Barak argued it was not designed to punish the settlers but at opening the door to Palestinian negotiations. However, Knesset Member Arieh Eldad, a Right-winger hauled Barak over the coals for involving IDF soldiers and helicopters to ensure the settlers did not violate freeze. The Defense Minister replied that on a recent visit to Northern Ireland he had been informed that the British government called in the elite SAS commando unit to act against British citizens (apparently the Protestant Ulster Defense Union). An outraged Eldad retorted: 'This is not the same thing, how can you compare Irish terrorists with Israeli residents!' Barak then added that during the civil rights struggle in the U.S., an American president ordered no less than the 101st Airborne Division to enforce the law in the state of Arkansas.

David Essing

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