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Iran To Stonewall Geneva Nuclear Talks

Menashe Amir: 'Iranian Leadership Will Only Try To Gain Time At Geneva & Never Agree To Halt Nuclear Weapons Program'

'Iran's Grand Strategy Is To Impose Its Shiite Islam On Arab Sunni World & Seek World Domination'

Iranian People Now Expect World Community To Help Topple Hated Regime

Menashe Amir at IsraCast Studios

 What are the prospects for the Geneva nuclear talks aimed at halting Iran's nuclear weapons program? The revelation of the secret uranium enrichment being built in a military base near the holy city of Qom have added greater a greater sense of urgency for an intensified steps to deter Iran from continuing its nuclear weapons project. In an in depth interview, Menashe Amir, a leading Israeli expert on Iran, presented his scenario of how the Iranians, 'the masters of diplomatic deception' will again attempt to stonewall the five permanent members. Amir said the five members of the UN Security Council plus Germany must now 'get serious' if they really intend to halt the fanatical, religious regime in Tehran that aspires not only to 'wipe Israel off the map' but also to dominate the Arab states the entire world.

 'The uncovering of the secret uranium enrichment facility near Qom is another indication of Iran's continual deception and cover-up to hide its nuclear weapons program'. That's the assessment of analyst Menashe Amir who has been monitoring Iran on a daily basis for over four decades. The new revelation indicated that Iran would not be going to the Geneva nuclear talks with good intentions. On the contrary, the Iranian delegates could be expected to stall as they again try to gain time while their nuclear weapons program continues back in Iran. In light of this what advice, does Amir have for give the '5+1' delegates? Amir answered that they didn't need his advice - they knew exactly what they should do, that is to 'get serious' about stopping Iran. However, those countries were deceiving themselves. They were now fully aware that Tehran is determined that to carry on with her nuclear weapons project. In fact, project director Ali Akbar Sohali has already declared t this to be the case. In Geneva, Iran was going to talk about its proposal for world order that includes everything under the sun, except Iran's nuclear weapons development.

The question was whether the U.S. delegate would call the Iranian representative to order and insist on discussing Iran's nuclear activity. 'Look for the Iranians, if pressed to give a little; their tactic is to show a little softness to hide the hard intention of continuing their nuclear weapons plan'. The Iranians never say No but neither do they ever say Yes.

What of the possibility that the 5+1 will agree to impose severe gasoline sanctions on Iran. Amir sees no prospect of this happening. Iran has already signed a huge gasoline agreement with China, nor would Russia agree to such sanctions. (Both Russia and China strive to be superpowers - Russia needs Iranian money while China requires Iran's oil ). Even if Iran didn't import gasolene it still produces two- thirds of its consumption. The sanctions might make it very difficult but Iran would pull through. Amir explained that incentives mean nothing to the fanatical, religious regime and Iran's own national interest is not at the top of its agenda. The rulers of Iran act out of their extremist belief that the Mahdi (Messiah) is about to come and rescue the world . Part of this grand design involves the entire world converting to Shiite Islam. To this end, President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad and other leaders are ready to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of Iranians. Obviously this is a nightmare for the Arab countries who follow the rival Sunni stream of Islam. What the delegates to Geneva should realize is that this is not simply a confrontation between Iran and Israel or even a clash of civilizations between Shiite Islam and Christianity - or between Shiite and Sunni Islam, the Iranian leadership really believes its mission is to dominate the world. However, the majority of the Iranian people despise the regime which has been severely weakened by the events of the last election. Therefore, Menashe Amir said the Iranian people are expecting aid from the international community to help topple the Iranian leadership.

When asked to comment on the seeming paralysis of the international community to confront the clear and present danger posed by a nuclear Iran, the analyst replied that Iraq and Afghanistan appear to have sapped the readiness to cope with Iran, although it presents an even greater danger than the two other theaters of operations. Could it be that world leaders might be going through the motions and waiting for Israel to do the job? Menashe Amir noted that President Barack Obama, like Israeli leaders, has declared that 'all options are on the table'. However, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has added that a military strike against Iran would provide only a short-term solution. Menashe Amir agreed this was indeed the case, but it should also be considered in connection with the possibility of an attempt to topple the Iranian regime.

David Essing

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