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Israeli Apache Chopper Crashes Inside Israel Killing Two Airmen On Board

Israeli Jets & Choppers Have Carried Out Four Thousand Five Hundred Flights Since Start Of War

Israeli Fighter-Pilot Describes Air War

Apache Helicopter

A third Apache helicopter has crashed since the start of the war in Lebanon. This as the IDF continues its operation to drive Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon.

For an inside view of the aerial war between the IAF and Hezbollah, Danny Grossman, a reserve fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, was interviewed on Israel's Channel One:

An Israel Air Force helicopter has crashed inside Israel killing the two pilots. The Apache Longbow was flying on a combat mission with a second chopper when it suddenly plummeted to the ground inside Israeli territory. The chopper's rotor was filmed falling separately - it could indicate a technical fault caused the rotor to separate from the aircraft. The Israel Air Force says no ground fire was detected from south Lebanon at the time of the helicopter crash. Last week, two more Apaches collided in mid- air over Israel killing one of the pilots and wounding their other airmen. An F-16 fighter also crashed on takeoff after one of its tires blew. The two airmen on board managed to eject safely.

Since the start of the war thirteen days ago, the Israeli jets and helicopters have carried out over 4500 flights over Lebanon . In addition to attacking Hezbollah missile launchers and targets, the aircraft are also lending close ground support to ground forces. But today there was a friendly fire incident that wounded four Israeli soldiers. An Israeli chopper opened fire on an Israeli unit during the battle for Binyt Jabayel another Hezbollah stronghold in southern Lebanon .

In the last twenty-four hours the air strikes have knocked out ten Hezbollah missile launchers. However, the Katyushas keep coming today some twelve Israeli towns and villages were targeted. Several people were lightly injured.

David Essing

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