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Ahmadinejad's Realpolitik vs. Obama's Detente

MK Tzachi Hanegbi: 'Uncovering Of Secret Hezbollah Terror Ring In Egypt Is Severe Blow To Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah & Iran'

'Iran Plotting To Topple Regimes In Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Other Arab States'

IsraCast: 'Incident Highlight Clash Between Ahmadinejad's Realpolitik And Obama's Detente'

Iranian President Ahmadinejad

The uncovering of a Hezbollah terror network operating inside Egypt has exposed Iran's subversive activities inside Arab states - that's the reaction not only in Israel but also in Egypt. Government officials in Cairo were furious with Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It is becoming evident that Ahmadinejad's policy of Realpolitik aimed at Iranian hegemony over the Islamic world will clash with U.S. President Barack Obama's approach of detente.

'The uncovering of a secret Hezbollah terror ring operating inside Egypt is a severe blow to both Hezbollah leader Nasrallah and Iran!' - that was the reaction of Kadima MK Tzachi Hanegbi, the outgoing chair of the Knesset Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee. Hanegbi told Israel Radio that pragmatic Arab states will now realize more than ever that they are also in the cross-hairs of of Iran's fanatic Muslim leaders who wish to achieve their hegemony over the entire world of Islam. A senior Israeli security source has also revealed that Arab states in the region are increasingly aware that Iran's long term goal is to topple secular Arab regimes and replace them with religious dictatorships. He added that Israel was not taken by surprise that Hezbollah was operating a secret terror network inside Egypt and that the terrorists were also planning on attacking Israeli and Western targets inside the country. 

One senior Egyptian official railed: 'What does Nasrallah think he can do - turn Egypt into a Lebanon!'

Based in Lebanon, Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah takes his orders directly from Tehran. Moreover, Iranian agents are known to be operating on Lebanese territory. The fact that the Iranians are not Arabs and adhere to the Shiite stream of Islam as opposed to the Sunni Islam practiced in the Arab states is a complicating factor. However, it appears that Iran, via its proxy Hezbollah, has no qualms about tweaking Egypt's nose which perceives itself as leader of the Arab world. Nasrallah's claim that the Hezbollah ring was only helping the Palestinians is not washing with Egyptian officials. One senior Egyptian official railed: 'What does Nasrallah think he can do - turn Egypt into a Lebanon!' The official Cairo daily Al Aharam lambasted Nasrallah branding him ' an accessory to the crime by breaking the law on Egyptian soil!' The rest of the Egyptian media have also castigated Hezbollah in no uncertain terms.

Hassan Nasrallah

This is not the first time that Nasrallah has crossed swords with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak; during Israel's recent 'Cast Lead' operation in Gaza, an angry Nasrallah called on the Egyptian army to defy Mubarak and go to the aid of the Palestinians.That also sparked a fierce Egyptian response - Nasrallah was called an' agent of Iran'.

The Egyptian smashing of the terrorist ring follows recent Israeli assessments that Cairo has got serious about stemming the smuggling of Hamas weapons into Gaza. Over the past two weeks, Egyptian security personnel were even involved in a shootout with Bedouin smugglers in Sinai. The Israeli view is that Cairo now fears that an radical Islamist regime backed by Iran in Gaza could also spill over into Egypt, where the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood poses a threat to the Mubarak regime.

the Iranian back terror ring in Egypt accentuates the extent of Achmadenijad's policy of Realpolitik that may not be fully appreciated by the Obama administration

It is out of the question that Nasrallah would have acted inside Egypt without Iran's backing or instigation. Therefore, the latest in a series of incidents can only escalate the tension between Egypt and Iran. In any event, the new Netanyahu government in Israel has yet to comment. 

In Lebanon, Nasrallah is the strong leader of the Lebanese Shiite community in the parliamentary election in June. Although his Shiite support is solid, the affair could arouse the ire of his political rivals, the Christians, Sunnis and Druze. But will they also dare to accuse Nasrallah of acting as an Iranian pawn and jeopardizing Lebanese interests with a friendly Arab state.

Barack Obama

In a wider context, the Iranian back terror ring in Egypt accentuates the extent of Ahmadinejad's policy of Realpolitik that may not be fully appreciated by the Obama administration at the outset of the nuclear negotiations. The combination of a nuclear armed Iran bent on ousting existing Arab regimes involves the stability of entire Middle East above and beyond the rhetoric of 'wiping Israel of the map'. Is there any question that if Iran is allowed to go nuclear, Egypt would not follow suit? Then there's Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Therefore, the entire Middle East and not only Israel will be monitoring with baited breath to see if President Obama is simply clutching at straws or really means business; President Ahmadinejad, the master of diplomatic deception, has already started issuing his standard platitudes about Iran's honor and dignity and right to develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

At the same, the Iranian leader has declared that his scientists now control the full cycle of producing nuclear fuel, a fact that was disclosed by Gen. Amos Yadlin, the commander of the IDF's  intelligence branch and was was reported by IsraCast on March 26th.Gen. Yadlin also disclosed that Iran was now capable of revving up its centrifuges to produce enough weapons grade uranium for a bomb  'within a number of months to a year'. Time is of the essence from the Israeli perspective. However, the U.S. has admitted that it really has no idea of how far away Iran is from producing the bomb. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said very candidly: "We really don't know what to believe!" On the other hand, Vice President Joseph Biden has warned: " Israel would be ill-advised to attack Iran!" What does it all mean? The U.S. is insisting that Israel not take any operational decisions on what to do about the Iranian nuclear threat, at least until Obama's 'aggressive diplomacy' has run its course. Or unless, Gen. Yadlin and Israel's other intelligence sources discover that not only does Iran now have the capability but it has indeed started producing weapons grade uranium.  

But in the wake of Egypt's arrest of fifty Hezbollah terror suspects, Iran may still be the big winner. Israeli expert Prof. Eyal Zisser has written: "Meanwhile the only winners from the new struggle, that is tearing the Arab world to pieces, are the Iranians who continue to laugh all the way to continuing their nuclear program."

David Essing

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